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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Your Contract has Expired is Act 6 of the third Chapter: Subcon Forest.


Move forward to where you fought Toilet of Doom where there is a Time Piece. When you try to collect the time piece, the Snatcher will stop Hat Kid from taking it, saying she is no longer any use to him. He continues, saying that Hat Kid should have expected him to not let her take the Time Pieces because it fell in Subcon Forest, which is his domain. He then proceeds to take Hat Kid's Hat, leaving Hat Kid with only her umbrella to fight.

Boss Battle[]

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

First, he will summon 4 beams from the ground. Three will be aimed at where Hat Kid is standing. The last will be aimed in front of Hat Kid, where Hat Kid would presumably go if she kept going forward. Then he summons two groups of his minions, each in one hand, and spins around clockwise, which can be easily avoided by jumping and moving counter-clockwise. Do not dive as it will lead to damage done by other hand. He says that he will not turn blue, which makes him invincible. Next attack is 5 flasks with blue liquid thrown at Hat Kid. Then he proceeds to throw one thousand flasks at Hat Kid. Then, he throws one flask, aims at Hat Kid, and proceeds to throw it. But when Hat Kid moves, he stops the flask and puts the flask right above Hat Kid, throwing at a moment later. Then he shoots 8 beams and summons the minions to spin again. Then he will transform into the shape of Hat Kid to mock her. Then he will throw huge amount of flasks again. One of them is not going to break and stay on the ground. While he summons minions to spin for his next attack, get the flask and throw at Snatcher, which will turn him blue and he becomes enraged. This will then trigger the second part of his fight where he will release a flurry of attacks which include: three beams that are stationary, four beams that move around, an attack where he creates a clone to try and deceive Hat Kid which can be avoided by looking at which eye he winks (the one he winks being the one that you have to hit), a circular beam attack and a shock wave attack much like the Toilet of Doom fight and Award Ceremony.

Once Hat Kid defeats Snatcher, he will beg for mercy, and then shortly after ask Hat Kid to take a seat and sign a contract in which the contract reads to "Get out". Meaning that Snatcher now wants to exile Hat Kid from his forest and never return since Hat Kid can't be killed. Hat Kid refuses but Snatcher then tells her that she doesn't make the calls. Snatcher will seal the contract first, making it easier and then forces Hat Kid to sign it. As she was about to sign the contract, Hat Kid will scribble all over the text to say "Stay and have fun", changing the contract to have herself invited to stay and have fun in the forest. She also writes "Be my BFF", forcing Snatcher to be friends with her.

Because of Snatcher agreeing to the contract too early, this gave Hat Kid the chance to change it before signing it. An upset Snatcher will then comment on this and try to negotiate another deal. The final result is he gives up and gives Hat Kid her soul back and the Time Piece. As Snatcher then tells Hat Kid he'll very disappointed if she continues wandering around his forest.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write in her diary about the last mission. The diary can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows.

THIS GUY!!!! I do his dumb jobs and then he tries to double-cross me???

I beat him up and now he just wants me to go away, but he also like, cant make me, so whatever.


  • The level shares the same name as the music for the fight.
  • The Snatcher comments on how much good fun it is to kill Hat Kid in Death Wish mode, perhaps showing he enjoys his interactions with Hat Kid after all.