Wound-Up Windmill is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. In it, The Windmill is "operating" at peak performance and has gone haywire, making the climb up it much more difficult!


Main Challenge

As stated before, in this Death Wish you must scale up the Windmill again, but this time, all the obstacles are moving at much higher speeds, making it harder to time jumps. This Death Wish requires good timing in order to accomplish, and the player must also be careful, as there is only one spot in the entire stage where Heart Pons are located.

Bonus Challenges

The first bonus is a double whammy, requiring the player to both not use any hat abilities, and to have One-Hit-Hero equipped. This can make the Death Wish much harder to do, as it is very easy to die by accident. The second Death Wish requires the player to reach the top in under four minutes, in which the player must now try to go faster, along with not dying.

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