Blockban Policy

User(s) who happen to break any of the rules stated below will be given the following:

  • First break - 2 week block
  • Second break - 4 week block
  • Third break and on - 2 month block or longer

Note that some rules may differ the ban time, see Special and Critical Rules

Special and Critical Rules

  • Strictly no discussion about hacks and other content that violates the game's Terms of Service anywhere on the wiki. If seen, will be deleted and an instant permanent ban will be applied.
  • Trolls will be permanently blocked. See Help:Don't feed the trolls.
  • Advertising on the wiki in any form (another game, a product, an external website, etc.) is strictly prohibited and will be banned for a week. However, with permission from the Admins, you can list your mod in Mods.
  • Do not create alternate accounts just to avoid the ban. If you're blocked or banned, these decisions are usually final and won't be revoked.

General Code of Conduct

  • Be patient with new users. They may be new to this site and/or game.
  • Be nice and respectful to one another. The user(s) will mostly do the same back to you.
  • Do not share other's personal information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) anywhere. you are only allowed to share your OWN social media information. Even if the user has shared his social media information beforehand, it does not grant you the rights to share them as well.
  • Absolutely no witch-hunting (attacking). This is known as a form of harassment that promotes discussion of a person(s) with differing views. This is the same as being disrespectful.
  • As far as possible, do not discuss about another game or other stuff that is not related to A Hat in Time on Forums. It is disrespectful, especially with the fact the wiki is official and monitored by the game company themselves.
  • Please do not support any piracy of any game, including A Hat in Time. Anything in support, in help, or related to piracy will be deleted with a warning given.
  • As much as possible, please use English on the wiki!
  • No profanity, spam, inappropriate material (NSFW), or unnecessary drama on the wiki.
  • You are responsible for abiding by moderator and staff warnings and infractions against you. Ignoring warnings and/or infractions given to yourself or other forum members can result in further infractions or a ban of your forum account.
  • Supporting users breaking the rules will be punished as well.

Mainspace Page Editing

  • Do not insert junk or vandalize, create non-relevant pages on the wiki.
  • Contribute to the best of your ability. Remember, what you post is what the world will see.
  • Assume good faith.
  • Do not add categories unnecessarily.
  • It is understandable that you are not familiar with the wikicoding and formatting of the page. Do not be afraid to contribute, as well as do not be disheartened if an experienced editor happens to correct your edits. However, should there be repeated mistakes despite repeated teachings, we may need to stop you from editing where needed.
  • Do not add pages that is technically part of the game but is unrelated to game itself (e.g. Peck).

Blog posts

  • Blank, 1 sentence/word posts will be deleted immediately. Please be unique when using blog posts!
  • Do not add any categories on the blog page. The only category added will be Blog posts.


  • No uploading of duplicate files.
  • To post a video, please use the Video template. Do not upload videos to the wiki.
    • Ensure the videos you're going to post are CLEAN.
  • You are allowed to upload your own pictures of your choice but only used for your profile page, comments and threads. Unused pictures for 8 hours will be deleted without notice.
  • Do not add any categories.

Userpage, username

  • No profanity or inappropriate material on your username or userpage - if username = permanent block, prompted to create a new account with different name, if userpage, repeated posting = 1 week block.
  • Inappropriate avatar, bio and/or links will be warned via your Message Wall. You will have 3 days to change it. After 3 days with no changes, you'll be permanently blocked.
  • No confusing usernames, usernames that impersonate others, username that is inappropriate, or usernames regarding popular people (e.g. Barack Obama). An instant permanent block will be given, and you'll prompted to create a new account with a different name.
  • Strictly no alternate account creation (exception towards Admins and Moderators) at all times. This is an act of Sockpuppetry. Said alternate account will be blocked permanently. If repeatedly created, 1 week block on main account, if repeatedly created more than 5 times, permanent block on all of your accounts you created, including main.
    • Additionally, if you want to change your username, please see here. Take note that your username change can only be done ONCE, and applies to the other Wikis you visit to.
  • Do not add categories.


The Admins reserves the right to modify, update or change the terms in A Hat in Time Rules without prior notice or announcement.

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