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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Why is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by interacting with any character or object that allows them to input an answer and typing a naughty word as the answer.


Since text-based interactions are introduced in Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds with both the access to the VGS 1 Supercomputer and eventual access to Murder on the Owl Express, the limiting factor is the collection of Four unique Time Pieces in order to gain access to the Machine Room.

Given that all the player must do is answer with a select few words in order to obtain the achievement, on top the mandatory answering of at least one C.A.W Agent, makes completion of the achievement very streamlined and easy to catch on the first play through.


Since Battle of the Birds is locked off from the player until they collect 4 total Time Pieces, progressing through Mafia Town and completing Act 1: Welcome to Mafia Town to Act 4: Down With the Mafia! is a quick and highly convenient route to collecting the required Time Pieces required for access.

Due to the very possible chance of inputting the word in order to obtain the achievement through the only mandatory C.A.W Agent's question, playing the game normally towards Murder on the Owl Express will present the least amount of movement and time lost compared to answering other C.A.W Members, as well as not needing to hop down to the supercomputer only to input the word for achievement's sake and return to the other Chapters. Realistically, killing two birds with one stone and using the mandatory question to your favor is the best method for completion on context to a run containing all achievements.


  • This achievement is the only achievement exclusive to the PC versions of A Hat in Time.
    • In the game's source code it is explained that the reason this achievement is PC only is because it will encourage children to swear: "// Not available on consoles as it wouldn't pass cert (encouraging children to swear etc)".
    • Its Console alternative is Small Child, Big Trophy.
  • The description is the only achievement description in A Hat in Time to not begin with a capital letter.
    • It is also the only description to not end with an exclamation mark, but with a question mark instead.
  • This achievement, plus Fueling the Feud is the only achievement to feature text in its icon.
  • Typing "Peck", "Peckneck" or "Timmy" also nets the player the achievement.