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The White Seal Crew is a group of small white seals that work aboard the S.S. Literally Can't Sink during the Chapter Arctic Cruise in the Seal the Deal DLC.


Physical Appearance[]

The seals basic appearance doesn't change between them; they are all small, white seals with beady black eyes and rosy cheeks. They are usually shown wearing a small black bowtie, and most wear some kind of hat depending on their job on the ship. Some also have small coats over their backs.


During Chapter 6, the seals seem to be very friendly, but at the same time they're very childish and make a lot of mistakes. They also show a bit of laziness, such as one sleeping on the job simply because the towels it is laying on are really comfy. They all speak with an impediment that makes their Rs and sometimes Ls come out as Ws. Although they don't seem to be very enforcing of the ship's rules, they do politely remind people of them as needed.



The Seals are primarily NPCs, some of which can be directly talked to. While some will just say a cutesy line, some do indeed advance the current time piece quest. There are different jobs they take on as well, such as bellhops, chefs, guides, gardeners, lifeguards, and more.


While Hat Kid navigates the ship, there is a certain hallway in which bellhop seals race across the path through doors with carts that can knock Hat Kid backwards. Other than this instance, the seals themselves never pose any real threat.


During Act 1, there is a seal that says it has hurt itself and asks Hat Kid to bring it to the Captain. This is simple enough, and doing so will prompt the captain to tell Hat Kid to kiss it better herself. Using the smooch emote will make the seal happy, and it will give Hat Kid a time shard.

Additionally, during Act 3, Hat Kid has to save the seals and bring them to the lifeboats, making them even more of an objective than the minor case in Act 1.