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Welcome to Mafia Town is Act 1 of the first Chapter: Mafia Town and the first act of the game. In this act, Hat Kid begins her search for the Time Pieces and meets a Mustached Girl who plots against the Mafia.

The Town of Mafia[]

As the act begins, Hat Kid will land in a back alley as a Mafia Goon (presumably the one that broke Hat Kid’s spaceship window) falls to the ground. Walk forward a little bit and you'll see two more Mafia Goons fall to the ground, which is then shown that a small girl in a red hood with a mustache has beaten them up. When she sees Hat Kid, however, she will immediately flee.

You must chase after her, however you don't need to rush doing so. She will run to a predetermined point and stay there until you approach her. So if you want, you can explore a little.

Something important to note is that Hat Kid has no basic attack right now. She can preform a homing attack by jumping in the air and diving at an enemy when the prompt appears, but other than that she can only punch which is useless at best, and dangerous at worse. It does no damage and will cause Hat Kid to flinch in pain for a few seconds, which gives enemies plenty of time to hurt her.

Before catching up to Mustache Girl, you may want to look around and grab a few collectables first (skip to the next section if you have no interest.) First on the main path, you'll see a red vault. It can be opened by collecting the three red vault codes on the platform just above it. Inside are several green pons and a piece of Sprint Yarn. After that, continue down the main path until you see some balloons. Jump up to where they lead, and you'll see another yarn inside of a wooden cage. Crawl under the opening to get some Brewing Yarn. Next, take the wooden board up to find three Mafia Goons kicking dirt at an old man. If you defeat them all, the old man will thank you by giving you another sprint yarn.

After chasing Mustache Girl enough, she'll take a pulley up on top of a bell tower and shout down at Hat Kid, saying instead of stalking her, Hat Kid should join her rebellion. To help Hat Kid out, she says she'll show her where one of her Time Pieces landed. Hit the near by button to cause a platform to lower and jump on it. Once you do, it will raise up to where Mustache Girl is. She'll jump down and tell Hat Kid to follow her. After a few seconds, she'll point out a fountain where the Time Piece crashed down, and wish Hat Kid luck.

Umbrella Get

Hat Kid steals the umbrella

Go over to the fountain and a cutscene will play that shows a Mafia Goon has already picked up Hat Kid's time piece and refuses to give it back. However he's also carrying an umbrella, and doesn't realize until it's too late that Hat Kid has taken it!

The Mafia Goon will start to run away, but now that you have a proper weapon, it won't take long to knock him out. So whack the Mafia goon until he pops and collect your first time piece!


"Welcome to Mafia Town" takes place in Mafia Town, which is a wide open location with many items to collect, and is identical to other acts in this chapter. As such, if you wish to know what collectables can be found here, please consult this section of the Mafia Town page.

Sequence Break Achievement[]


Like collectables, the achievements in Mafia Town can be completed in just about any act (check here for the list). However, there is one achievement worth mentioning specifically, which is Sequence Break.

In order to get this achievement, the player must not ever see Mustache Girl or press the button that lowers the platform by the bell tower. In order to do this, they must jump over the wall to the left as soon as the level starts, and reach the fountain with the Time Piece without triggering any event that causes Mustache Girl to appear.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"So... I am stranded. A Big guy in a chef's apron and a suit knocked on my door, and decided to mess everything up!

"Apparently they're the 'Mafia of Cooks'. Why couldn't I get stranded near a normal planet?"

(note: The Diary is in her bedroom, which can't be unlocked until after getting 7 time pieces. Thus this entry cannot be read in game without the Diary+ mod, and only found within the game files.)


  • In Prototype, this Act was called "Say Hi to Mafia Town"
  • On the bell tower there is a wooden platform leaning out the side that seagulls land on, which is a reference to Assassin's Creed 2 and how Ezio gains his map in each area.
  • Interestingly, you can follow Moustache Girl after she wishes you good luck and leaves you to collect the time piece. She will move at an increased speed on a more difficult route which ends at the stack of TNT barrels. where she will disappear. This is probably a reference to the second act, where you rescue her at that location.
  • This level is possible to beat with only one player without jumping.