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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"You'll need to deliver drinks, food, and a few other things. And do it quickly pup."
—Walrus Captain in Ship Shape

The Walrus Captain (or simply, The Captain) is a character in A Hat in Time who mainly appears in The Arctic Cruise. He is the captain of his ship, "SS Literally Can't Sink", almost always annoyed by one thing or another.


The Walrus Captain looks like a large humanoid walrus with a big black mustache and a single tusk. He wears captain clothes and is always smoking his two cigars.


The Walrus Captain serves many roles within The Arctic Cruise, most of which are as objectives. In Bon Voyage!, he can first be seen outside the ship near the starting area, saying how Hat Kid looks young to sail alone. Once Hat Kid boards the ship and unlocks the timepiece shards, he acts as a task, requiring you to take an injured seal to his room. He will prompt you to "kiss it better yourself", after which you must use the kiss taunt on the seal to obtain a shard. In Ship Shape, he can be found in his room, asking if Hat Kid wants to help out on the ship. Agreeing will start the level, which requires you to do 18 tasks around the ship before he gets too angry. If you fail, he will tell you you made more of a mess and to try again. If you succeed, he will award you with a timepiece from the Lost and Found. In Rock the Boat, he is not at his post, allowing the player to steer the ship. This will result in the ship crashing, forcing Hat Kid to rescue all the passengers. Once that is done, the Captain asks you to get to a lifeboat, revealing he is still on the ship. You now have to save him, but this time under a time limit as The Conductor will get angry and tell you to make it back quick or he'll leave you and the Captain behind, resulting in an instant kill. While saving him, the Captain will say many lines about leaving him behind, until you make it to the lifeboat and are awarded with the timepiece.



  • Despite him stating that he can't drown, real life walruses can indeed drown after staying underwater for long periods of time.
  • As shown in The Arctic Cruise storybook, The Captain's mentor died in an accident. This is possibly the reason why he asks you to let him die in Rock the Boat.