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Village is a Time Rift in A Hat in Time, found in Chapter 3, Subcon Forest. It is found at the highest point of the abandoned village.

The Level[]

Similar to the other Subcon Forest Time Rift, the difficulty here does not become too major of an issue given the lack of active hazards. Platforms however put it several pegs of difficulty higher than the prior Rift, given its use of many moving platforms combined with the copious use of disappearing cookie platforms. The Hookshot Badge can be used here, but is not mandatory for completion with proper movement.

In the vein of The Moon Time Rift, the level's main gimmick is utilization of Subcon's most identified gimmick in its use of semi-corporeal green platforms activated by attacking bells. As such, they tend to play the gimmick very flatly, making it much more like a timed switch is being pushed and a constantly retracting area of effect is in play and without any major concern for hitting bells haphazardly.

To start the level, the first bridge is partially activated but requires a jump to cross to the full distance. After that, a large rotating structure is presented that the player needs to scale to the next checkpoint. Due to the difficult nature of clinging onto these crystalline blocks, jumping against the direction the intended ledge is moving makes clinging onto it much more easy.

Completing a walljump leads to a pathway of disappearing cookies. Caution should be used for the last two in the set, as they immediately shrink inwards once the player jumps on top of them. Note that this immediate nature is only active for one cycle, so failing the platforming after their activation leads them to acting like normal platforms and not immediately shrinking right away. Cross a turning platform and enter the next checkpoint.

Jump off of the ramp onto the cookies (the last two also immediately contract) and the last stretch of the level is in sight, with the Time Piece suspended over a semi-corporeal green platform. From here, the player can progress left or rightwards, but either path is identical and leads to the same goal. Note that hitting the second bell on the disappearing platform quickly after the first bell is not advised, as when two active bells conflict they result in a non-solid platform, which inconveniently manifests right where the player could walk onto if they were to not jump onto the next green plarform. Jump to avoid the hole and use the Hookshot or a well-placed jump and dive to reach the end.

Oddly enough, the last solid platform has its own checkpoint. Here, the player has to simply hit the bell and step up the staircase to reach the Time Piece.