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Vault Codes in the Wind is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. In it, you need to complete The Golden Vault once again. This time, however, the codes are swept up by the wind and move. To make matters worse, Snatcher will only give you 30 seconds to catch the next one (then a final 30 seconds to open the vault), or else he kills you!

Location NO. Clue
1 Docks
2 Black Market
3 Lighthouse
4 Cliffside


Main Challenge[]

This level plays almost identically to the original The Golden Vault, but the player is only given 30 seconds to collect each codes and the vault codes will fly around, thus testing the player's map knowledge.

It's strongly advised to get the lighthouse code first, as returning to the light house after picking up other codes makes it almost impossible to reach it in time, let alone going back to the center tower. The cliffside code should almost always be the final code to pick up as there is an Ice Hat platform nearby that takes you directly to the center tower where the vault is, saving the time.

Bonus Challenge[]

The first bonus objective requires the player to finish this challenge without using the Time Stop Hat. To achieve this, the player will most likely need to use Sprint Hat and have some map knowledge.

The second bonus objective asks the player to defeat 10 Mafia. As each Mafia takes 4 hits to kill, this will inevitably require the use of Time Stop Hat and better map knowledge to hunt down the most convenient Mafia on the way.

Peace and Tranquility[]

Pon Cost: Pons x77

Peace and Tranquility for this level can be enabled to make the level easier after a few deaths from the player. Enabling Peace and Tranquility will raise the time limit from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Like for all Death Wishes with Peace and Tranquility, simply completing the level will give you all three stamps.


  • This is the first instance of The Snatcher giving you bad advice on purpose. There'll be many more to come.
    • Arguably, the tip here to "watch the codes flutter in the wind" could also be a hint to the fact that each vault code has its own flight path that doesn't change with each attempt; once you know where the codes will go and when they will be there by observing them, you could improve your pathing with trial-and-error for subsequent attempts. This is incredibly useful for either bonuses, where fighting the mafia even with the Timestop Hat leaves you minimal time to catch the vault codes.