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Vanessa's Curse is the third DLC for A Hat in Time as a Creator DLC. It was released only for PC on November 27, 2021.


The game mode can be accessed by interacting with the TV in the main room. Unlike other DLC content, no Time Pieces are needed in order to access Vanessa's Curse (in fact, you can do this at the very beginning of the game since the main room has no Time Pieces limitations). To avoid disadvantaging players who do not already have the Sprint Hat, Brewing Hat, Ice Hat, Dweller's Mask, and Hookshot Badge, the mode will give these players these exact items for rental to be used in this DLC only until the players obtain these items normally. The Time Stop hat and all other badges (except specifically the Mumble, Mirror, Nostalgia, and Retro Badges) are not allowed for every player to avoid unfairness.

After an opening cutscene, the player is sent to a main lobby with other online players where they can access the tutorial and join a new match in Queen Vanessa's mansion.

In a match, the players run around the mansion for 30 seconds as part of Snatcher's team (Snatcher's Minions) until 2 players are randomly chosen to be on Vanessa's team (Vanessa's Puppets). While the goal of Vanessa's Puppets is to tag all of Snatcher's Minions to be "cursed" to join Vanessa's Puppets, the goal of Snatcher's Minions is to collect a certain number of crowns around Vanessa's mansion.

Depending on the number of players in a match, the amount of locations players can access and the amount of crowns Snatcher's Minions need to collect varies.

Also depending how much time has past and how many players each team has, a roulette event can occur where a random side effect to one of the teams or the map itself will change to either favor one disadvantaged team or affect both teams neutrally.

The number of crowns gotten as a part of Snatcher's Minions and the number of souls cursed as a part of Vanessa's Puppets by a player during a match is added to their inventory. They can be traded with the Snatcher and the Badge Seller in the lobby for new customizations.

If the player collects a high number of crowns, they may see a golden statue of Hat Kid and the Snatcher in the lobby, reading "Statue of the Collector" and then "Awarded to those who have collected a mountain's worth of the Cursed Queen's crowns." However, some players have reported not seeing the statue even after collecting at least 100 Crowns.


The Snatcher tells the story to Hat Kid how he and Queen Vanessa were once in love as prince and princess and how Vanessa became insane and locked Snatcher up and destroyed Subcon Forest's village. Wanting to spite Vanessa for locking him up years ago, the Snatcher forces Hat Kid to steal Vanessa's crowns (claiming she has one for "every day in the year"). Indeed, once Hat Kid and other players get teleported to Vanessa's mansion to steal her crowns, Vanessa will get angry, cursing some players into being her puppets to stop the other players from stealing her crowns.


Vanessa's Curse adds many new customization options, such as new flairs, dyes, outfits, stickers, a remix, and a Gothic Umbrella to replace the default Umbrella.




  • Because this is a Creator DLC, all of its content was made by A Hat in Time's community members, not Gears for Breakfast. This therefore included new voice actors for the Snatcher and Queen Vanessa.
  • The mansion featured in this DLC is just one of many of Queen Vanessa's "getaway mansions", not the mansion seen in the base game.