I am currently working on with best desire to make this wiki as detailed as I can make it be. Without some others' help, it wouldn't be possible.

Currently, I am working on to make more pages on each act, each chapter, each item, and all that I see as "worth being made into pages" that wouldn't end up as a stub.

I also am trying to start a small Discord server (I am owner, admin, and helper in 5-ish servers, so I have experience) on this game. It will be designated at first as an open server that focuses more on this game and, as time passes, different things may come by. Who knows what could be ahead?

Thanks to anyone that is willing to help this game and its wiki out in order to make this a more legitimate wiki that does not lack a single info about this Cute as Heck game! I (and we) appreciate any effort in building this wiki from where it started from.