Now, it is a common theory that the Snatcher is Queen Vanessa's prince, but before we get into that.


I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong but it could be either Venessa or Vanessa, I myself not sure of the canon spelling (for I have never acually played the game) and I am far to lazy to look up such a minor detail. So I will be using VANESSA.

Okay, okay, now on to the actual theory, is the Snatcher Queen Vanessa's prince? Most of you reading this would think yes, and I wouldn't blame you, it is a very excepted theory in the fandom from what I have seen and in itself plausible.


It is a little far fetched, but hear me out before you immediatly click off this tab! I will try my best to say both sides of the theories I will present. Get comfy, put some music in the back ground, and hear a theory out!

First I will address the two theories present. Snatcher is the prince, then Moon Jumper is the prince.

Now many of you may be asking, who is Moon Jumper? Let me explain, he was a character in the game up until the beta release, in which he was taken out before it came out. I would redirect you to here if you would prefer to read the wiki article than have me explain it here,

To give an overview, the Moon Jumper is a character in the earlier builds of A Hat In Time in the Subcon Forest. He, Queen Vanessa, and the Snatcher were to be three figures fighting for ownership and control of the forest, later shortened to just the Snatcher and Queen Vanessa after he was scrapped. His design is a waistcoat along with chains on his wrist. He has a mask for a face (of what I can presume) that is a blue.

The reason he was cut was because according to Jonas Kærlev, the lead developer, "Basically early on while writing A Hat in Time, I wanted to introduce a lot of characters. So I wrote a lot of characters. When I grew as a writer & game dev, I found it better suited to focus on few characters and evolve them through gameplay. That's why the main characters often interact with you via gameplay (movie scores, contracts, etc). When Snatcher became the main character of Subcon, there wasn't space for any subplots, and so Moonjumper was [removed]". This was not done for any other reason other than a writing perspective that there was too many sub plots, making it so that Queen Vanessa and her prince could have been more indulged but was decided otherwise to focus on the main characters.

(Did I just copy and paste most of that from the wiki page of the Moon Jumper? Yes)

Now this may be the best time to disscus the Moon Jumper is the prince theory but instead I will go over

Is Snatcher the Prince? (first)

Now, the basis of the theory is from the Sleepy Subcon timereft, where you get the pictures depicting the story of the prince and Vanessa.

Now you can look and weep at the story it's depicting of love and the tragedy of misunderstanding (in all truth I think Queen Vanessa is just a nut job) but look at the second to last picture. You see the prince covered in a inky black substance, much like the Snatcher, same eyes and design. Look closer his hair looks oddly like Snatchers spike things. 


The prince was learning to be a lawer, so HA A FACT THAT IS UNSUTAINABLY THERE!


Then again that is really all to the theory. You could always factor in, hey there the only two, blah, blah, blah.

Also with the fact that as much as the prince and Snatcher do look alike the princes hair and Snatcher's spikes are entirely different. The Snatcher has a jokers collar, not hair, not to also metion that the Snatcher is bald. Really, while the princes silhouette still has hair and bangs. As much as you would have to look closely our prince's silhouette and Snatcher here have two different heads, not to mention the body. Snatcher does not have legs. Mr. Princey does.

The one fact that holds up no matter the way I look at it and dissect the entity is the contracts. Lawers and contracts usually go hand in hand. Since he was learning to be a lawer and contract work is how many law firms start with a lawer before they give them a full time position.

Looks back at the secong to last picture


  • Coughs*

Either way the theory WOULD HAVE hold up if the entirety of Moon Jumper didn't exist.

Only if my freinds.

Is Moon Jumper The actual Prince?

In my opinon, absolutely. First may I mention the ENTIRE DESIGN OF THE CHARACTER? Litterally the same exact coat and chains around his wrists? I don't know how much more obvious it can be.

(copy and pasted from VictheNobody, credit goes to them for the wording and this is from the Moon Jumper wiki page again) 

- In the third unused floor, there are sometimes eyes drawn on the walls that bear a striking resemblance to the Moonwalker's eyes

- Queen Venessa constantly refers to her previous Prince's love of the moon, even stating "The Prince loves the moon so much, Maybe he should just marry it then, maybe he can give me more attention." (This is also on the unused third floor)

- The attic has a giant wall painting of the Moon Jumper with the two big eyes and wide smile. The old concept art made the room seem more like an observatory.

These three points in itself really do just explain it all in my opinon. The many referances of how the prince loved the moon, concept art and all of such is just undinably, there. This my freinds is a video to further support the cause.

All the stars (and moon) algin dont'cha think?

Looks the other way

I know, I know, time to address the entity in the room.

Moon Jumper isn't in the final game

So that should just debunk the entire Moon Jumper is Prince and make Snatcher Mr. Prince right?

We all know that's a way to debunk the entirety of the theory, as much as we want in some ways Snatcher as the prince, other not, it doesn't work with Moon Jumper or without.

First of all, with the Moon Jumper it is obvious that the Snatcher is NOT the prince, but WITHOUT the Moon Jumper does the entire thing hold up? That in itself could be decided by the player you can say. You can say that the prince was repoupesed for the Snatcher but I say not.

First of all, what is the facts that support this? He doesn't want to scare the Queen so he tells hat girl not to use her hats?

Utter blasphemy, this is done (in my opinon) to

  1. Keep you from using the sprint hat, making it so you can't easily out run Queen Vanessa
  2. Forest Dwellers hat to keep you from grabbing the time peice before the contract is compleated
  3. The brewing/ice hat does near nothing in this
  4. Time stop hat is also said to not be used so you can't easily escape from Queen Vanessa

Makes sense, does it not?

Perhaps if you still feel like Snatcher is the prince in the end game then please say your case in the comments. I am still working on a theory concerning the Moon Jumper and Snatcher (this time not including Queen Vanessa) so stay tuned my freinds!

Sincerly, EtirelyApper