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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

The Umbrella is the primary weapon of A Hat in Time, serving as Hat Kid's main method of offence throughout the game. It is obtained in the first Act: Welcome to Mafia Town, originally owned by a Mafia Goon.



The Umbrella is not in the possession of Hat Kid immediately, replaced by a punch attack that fills its place and is not overtly useful for combat situations. Punching will result in Hat Kid wincing in pain and jumping up and down before returning to her typical state. It also shows to be an ineffective method with attacking enemies such as the Mafia.

To obtain the Umbrella, the player must progress through the first Act of the game: Welcome to Mafia Town. Here, it can be obtained after approaching a Mafia Goon who possesses both the Umbrella and the Time Piece for the Act, whom Hat Kid steals the Umbrella from and can use it from there on for the rest of the game.


The main usage of the Umbrella is to frantically swing in the direction Hat Kid is facing towards, creating a large arc in front of her that damages enemies normally vulnerable to attacks and causing NPCs to squeak and bounce in place.

The Umbrella can attack in a set of three swings when tapping the attack button rapidly, with two acting as complete swings while the third swings midway before stopping directly in front of Hat Kid. This three attack burst can be very helpful with dispatching enemies with high health like Mafia Goons, as well as attacking quickly enough that some bosses can be hit several times before returning to their typical state. This ability to attack twice or thrice is further aided by the Time Stop Hat.

If the player finds a Key, they can use it in place of the Umbrella as a temporary weapon, though it is functionally identical to the Umbrella in every way outside it's usage to unlock doors.

With augmentation by equipping Badges purchased from the Badge Seller or collected via The Subcon Well, the Umbrella can be upgraded to stop Hat Kid from taking fall damage as long as the Hover Badge equipped. The Umbrella can also fire a beam, when the Projectile Badge is active. Furthermore, the Umbrella is also used as a hookshot after equipping the Hookshot Badge, which is able to cling to and swing from objects that support hookshots.


  • It is not possible for Player 2 to obtain an Umbrella unless Player 1 has lost all their health during the cutscene.