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Twilight Bell Time Rift is a Time Rift in A Hat in Time found in Chapter 4, Alpine Skyline. It is found at the peak of the Twilight Bell's mountain, next to the Badge Seller.

The Level[]

As expected with the Time Rifts located so far into the game, the difficulty in has been increased substantially to correlate with the difficulty of the world it is presented with. As such, the Twilight Bell Time Rift has a very unforgiving set of enemies and some tricky platforming, resulting in a tough but manageable level overall. The Dweller Hat is required to complete the level.

As per every Time Rift, the unique gimmick here is the presence of many Goats that walk on linear pathways and will smack the player if they are to get too close to them. Due to the small areas they inhabit, the player will most likely be smacked into the pits below and damaged as a consequence. Furthermore is the presence of bells and semi-corporeal green platforms in the beginning of the stage and semi-corporeal purple platforms at the end.

The beginning of the level introduces the player to three marching Goats, signifying the main gimmick of the level. Since they are synced with each other, waiting for an opening for the first will likely lead to an opening for all and safe passage through. After the marching goats is the first iteration of Dweller Bells. Hitting the first and ignoring the second bell is the easiest way to cross, as conjuring a potion and hitting the destructable barrel below activates the Dweller as well, causing the platform needed to stand on to disappear from under the player's feet with no real benefit to the current segment.

A checkpoint signifies the next segment of more Goats, this time moving upwards and requiring more precise timing in order to avoid slaps and make it out unharmed. It should be noted that a green platform activated by the lower Dweller Bell, as it spans the gap between the very first and second Goats. This is however largely pointless due to the normal movements capable of the player, as well as the Dweller Hat serving as a viable substitute to risking the drop and requiring another hat for completion.

At the top of the climb is the last checkpoint, standing before a large segment of semi-corporeal purple platforms partially corrupted by a Red Dweller. Jumping over the gap caused by the Dweller leads to a difficult jump requiring the Dweller Hat. Here, the player must jump towards a large wall of purple material, activate the Dweller's Hat mid-air for them to pass through, and switch to another hat in order to be cancel out the dweller mask effect and be caught by a floor made of purple material on the other side of the wall. From here, the Time Piece is in plain sight and unguarded.