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True Detective is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by locating and collecting all of the clues found within Murder on the Owl Express by the end of the Act.


Since entering the rooms containing clues is what progresses the clock of the chapter towards the end of the hour and the deadline set by the C.A.W Agents, collecting these clues as the Act moves along is typically an easy task given the low security of some of the clues. Other clues however are also sometimes guarded by multiple C.A.W Agents and require specific timing by the player in order to not be caught and escape from the situation unharmed and undetected.


Since the biggest obstacle to collecting all of the clues is locating each of them before the Act ends, it is important for the player to be diligent in exploring all the rooms and having a general sense as to where the evidence is hidden.

Since the first three pieces of evidence are restricted once the player has progressed into the rooms heavily guarded by C.A.W Agents, it is important to collect them before progressing further. Also, entering the room labeled "KEEP OUT" will inevitably finish the Act, so planning it as the last piece the player is to obtain is advised.

One piece of evidence to be wary of is the one held by the player's Pet's Pet, where they are put over impending doom and required to be rescued. Failing to do so prevents their piece of evidence from being provided, effectively barring the player from completing the achievement and needing to return to the Spaceship.

A comprehensive list is provided below.

Image Description
Clue 1
Found on the ground of the Rec Room.
Clue 2
Found in the Luggage Room, in the corner guarded by two C.A.W Agents. The player must jump onto the walls and wall jump for long enough for the C.A.W Agent to move past, or for the player to jump onto the ledge on the right path.
Clue 3
Found in the VIP Room, where a C.A.W Agent circles the evidence.
Clue 4
Found in the Engine Room. Requires some platforming up to a switch and speaking to your Pet's Pet. Can be partially bypassed by double jumping from the second box and wall running on the adjacent wall to the left, skipping a majority of the platforming.
Clue 5
Found in the Lounge Room, guarded by two C.A.W Agents circling around the floor.
Clue 6
Found in the unlabeled room painted in red "KEEP OUT". Exiting this room with or without picking up the evidence sends the player back to the beginning of the Act to declare whom is the murderer.


  • This achievement is regarded as the antithesis of another achievement, False Detective