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"That darn seagull over there took my camera!"

The Tourist is a stereotypical tourist who takes photos of the places he visits. He can commonly be found complaining about one thing or another, and speaks with an accent. He wears a bright orange floral shirt, a red cap with a white front, sunglasses, and socks with sandals.


Mafia Town[]

The Tourist can be seen on either ramp leading to the Port, yelling at a seagull that has stolen his camera. Retrieving it for him unlocks the Camera Badge.

The Moon[]

The Tourist can be found on the balcony of the yellow building, next to the building where the card players on the roof.

Subcon Forest[]

In this appearance, he's colored like a green dweller platform (green stripes, that become solid when the Dweller Mask is used).

Steve From Work[]

The Tourist appears to be in a constant rivalry with someone simply known as "Steve from work", with Steve constantly trying to one-up him. When the Tourist is encountered in the Subcon Forest, he mentions that Steve visited the Moon. Later, in the act "Picture Perfect", the Tourist has achieved his goal of visiting the moon, only to have Steve send him a post card from the Sun.


  • After Battle of the Birds and Subcon Forest's chapter order was swapped, the Tourist's dialogue was not changed to reflect this, resulting in it being mixed up chronologically.
  • The Tourist appears in every chapter, excluding Alpine Skyline.