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Tour is one of the Purple Time Rifts added with the Seal The Deal DLC. It goes through the locations of the game prior to the Seal The Deal DLC. It is meant to be a replica of all Hat Kid's destinations. The entrance to the rift appears in the spaceship's attic, and is unlocked after collecting 55 Time Pieces. The Storybook "The Hero (obviously)" is available in this rift.


World Exit Cost Rift Pons Storybook Pages
1 0 0 0
2 3 4 2
3 4 5 2
4 5 6 2
5 5 6 2
6 5 5 1
7 0 0 0
Total 26 9

Storybook Pages[]

  • World 1: In this world there are no Storybook Pages.
  • World 2: There are two Storybook Pages in this world: 1. Going straight to the right you will see a lava pool. After going over it, go to the small ledge to your right. 2. In the same position as the first storybook jump down to the wooden roof on the side of the rocks, it's under it.
  • World 3: There are two Storybook Pages in this world: 1. Behind the boxes where 2 C.A.W. agent tables are discussing. 2. Inside an opened box near two water tanks at the end.
  • World 4: There are two Storybook Pages in this world: 1. On top of the tower near the windmill to the right. Next to it is also one headless statue and pink mushroom. 2. On top of the icy tree where exit is located.
  • World 5: There are two storybook Pages in this world: 1. The island to your right, the lower roof this bird house. 2. Behind the lava-cake themed island you can find a tiny burning home hanging from the wall. It's located on it's roof.
  • World 6: There is only one Storybook Page in this world: 1. It can be spotted pretty, easily. As it's on top of left (possibly) gate chain holders.
  • World 7: In this world there are no Storybook Pages.

After collecting the time piece within the rift, any storybook pages collected will be revealed in order, showing The Hero (obviously). It tells a story of the Mustache Girl from her point of view of when the Mafia took over her home, and how their actions eventually drove her to rebel against them. Serves as an extension to Mafia's Grand Voyage.


  • Despite the Time Rift itself being located in Hat Kid's Spaceship, the game considers the player to be located in Time's End on the pause screen.