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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Toilet of Doom is the third act of the third Chapter: Subcon Forest. In this mission, Hat Kid is tasked with defeating the Toilet of Doom, located past the chasm above the Subcon Village.


Upon selecting the act, The Subcon Village will have pipes blowing out souls and the Subcon Dwellers will be running around in fear. Hat Kid must do hookshots to get into the Toilet Of Doom's Arena.

Boss Fight[]

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

Toilet Of Doom will roar at Hat Kid, then teleport to a different location. Toilet Of Doom will then fire 6 bubbles at her, one of them containing a Charged Cherry and one of them containing a Heart Pon. Player must throw the Charged Cherry at The Toilet Of Doom to damage it. After damaging it, The Outhouse will jump a few times and then jump in the middle of the arena. It will send a lot of charging cages at Hat Kid, The Outhouse will be vulnerable during this attack. It will then repeat the attacks above, damaging it a few more times will take The Outhouse to it's second phase. During this phase, The Outhouse will summon 3 bubbles at the middle of the arena and jumping around the arena. Hat Kid will need to grapple to the lantern in the middle and pop the bubble with the Charged Cherry in it, which you need to throw at The Outhouse. The Outhouse will repeat this attack a few more times, until it gets enough damage to enter the third phase. In this phase, The Outhouse will summon 3 cages and a Cherry, charging the Cherry with the Subcon Dwellers inside the cages and creating a Giant Cherry. It will 1-shot Hat Kid if she doesn't damage The Outhouse in time. Damaging The Outhouse will cause it to jump 4 times and fall, making it vulnerable. Then it will repeat the Charging cages attack again, not in the middle of the arena this time. The Outhouse will repeat the same attacks until it gets enough damage and falls.

Diary Entry[]

After each act Hat Kid will write in her diary about the last mission. The diary can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows.

"A Toilet. A… toilet. A TOILET! Why is there a smelly dumb gross toilet in the Forest, and why do I have to deal with something so smelly and dumb and gross!?!

"That Snatcher is such a jerk! Why do I have do this? I DON’T WANT TO TOUCH A TOILET!"


  • In the prototype builds of the game, this act was more puzzle centered, as opposed to the final build of the game, which focuses on having Hat Kid battle the Toilet.
  • In the Alpha Build of the game, Toilet of Doom was the first Act in Subcon Forest.
  • Toilet Of Doom is actually Hat Kid's Soul.
    • Though, it is unknown why her soul possessed the outhouse, but judging through the contract: “Your soul escaped into this outhouse. Whoops!”, it is likely that the Snatcher accidentally dropped it in there when using the outhouse.
    • Another thing that’s unknown is why her soul is so violent.