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Timmy is a scrapped playable character for A Hat in Time. He would accompany Hat Kid in the co-op mode. He was replaced by Bow Kid. He has no known relation to the similarly named Tim, who was also removed from the game.


Timmy and Hat Kid.

Timmy was depicted as a young boy, looking to be roughly the same age as Hat Kid. He wore jeans, orange shoes, and an orange coat, and a white t-shirt with a robot graphic on it. He also wore a necklace with a cartoon skull at the end. He appears to have spikey black hair, and his face his covered in what appears to be some sort of tribal tattoos.

Role and Removal

Timmy primarily served as the second player for co-op mode. However, the A Hat in Time Kickstarter page indicated that he was going to play a larger role in the story. In the section for Subcon Forest, it reads:

"To make it even more difficult, there is Timmy who will be getting in your way as he takes control of his living haunted manor!"

This was later revealed to be an early version of Vanessa's Manor. Jonas Kaerlev, in an interview with Beta64, addressed Timmy’s removal from Subcon Forest, stating, “I wanted the co-op character to be part of the story and I wanted him to be from Subcon Forest specifically. However, as the game went on, it made less and less sense for him to be part of Subcon Forest. He was meant to be in Queen Vanessa’s manor. So if you played single player, he’d be in Queen Vanessa’s manor. But we found, both having Queen Vanessa and him in there made it too much. It muddied the experience in a way, and so we removed him from Queen Vanessa’s manor and now he’s sort of his own character”. He then gave indication that Timmy may not make it as the co-op character, explaining that the team felt they had gotten better at designing characters since Timmy’s creation and that the team felt that his design needed to be touched up upon, even going so far as to say “compared to Hat Kid, he doesn’t look too good today”. He then told Beta64 that the team was considering replacing him with one of the Alpine Skyline nomads, as they like their designs and voicework. While Timmy would later be removed outright, he was replaced with not an Alpine Skyline nomad, but with Bow Kid.

Multiple mods can be found on the Steam Workshop that readds him as a playable character.

Timmy's Hat

Timmy's Hat is an unused grey newsboy's cap that likely would have served the same purpose as the Kid's Hat. It is unknown if this hat would be exclusive to player 2, as screenshots exist of Hat Kid wearing it as well. While it is unavailable in the final game, its assets still remain within the game files. Timmy's Hat can be seen as an Easter egg in the Laundry Room. 



  • Early concept art showed Timmy being capable of using some form of psychic powers.
  • In a Reddit Q&A in 2016, Jonas Kærlev was asked if Timmy was to be a love interest for Hat Kid. He replied “He is not”.
  • When asked about what happened to Timmy, the official A Hat in Time Twitter account simply replied with “electrical fire.”[1]
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