Time Rift

Broken time pieces open up Time Rifts

Time Rifts are tears in reality that appear around broken Time Pieces. They act as a kind of bonus levels that can be entered by touching a Time Rift, which appears as a floating glowing orb.They spawn once a certain objective is finished, such as assembling a relic or collecting a certain number of Time Pieces.

There are two types of Time Rifts:

  • Blue Time Rifts grants access to Dream World and have challenges based around platforming. There are two per chapter.
  • Purple Time Rifts are created when a time piece crashes into a person, causing the rift to be themed around them. These rifts lead to a strange dimension where the world resembles the chapter they can be found in. Storybook pieces can be found in this dimension as pictures telling the story and secrets of the world they're shaped from. They spawn when you complete a relic.


  • The story book pages you collect in Purple Time Rifts are a reference to the memory vaults from Psychonauts.
  • According to Jonas Kaerlev, the purple rifts are primarily inspired by Pikmin 2