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Time's End is the final chapter of A Hat in Time. It only has one act, "The Finale."


Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

Although there are no Storybooks to directly explain the history of Time's End, it is presented directly to the player once they had collected 25 Time Pieces. Here, Mustache Girl enters Hat Kid's Spaceship and loots it of the Time Pieces there, rewinding time and allowing Time's End to come into existence over the prior version of the world. As exclaimed by Snatcher in a cutscene, this is likely to be an alternate reality created when Mustache Girl used Time Pieces in Hat Kid's Spaceship.


Castle Courtyard & Queue Line[]

As the area Hat Kid enters in, the detriment of the use of Time Pieces by Mustache Girl to get rid of all the Mafia and corruption of the world is readily apparent. The sky and land is plastered in high reds and oranges, complimented by the lava in place of water and embers that waft around the breeze.

In front of the entry point is a long line of queuing NPCs, some of which speak to themselves or directly to the player. Most NPCs lament or question the validity of the summons to be judged, often asking Hat Kid to check who is judging everyone.

If the player interacts with the queue dispenser, they receive a ticket with "#153" written over a skull. Further interaction increments this number.

The line of NPCs includes those listed below, summing up to 114 NPCs in the queue lineup:


  • Of all the NPCs present, Mafia Goons are the third most common NPC type found in the queue line, likely a nod to Mustache Girl's bias against the Mafia as a whole.
    • The most common and second most common NPCs, however, are Snatcher's Minions and the Moon Penguins respectively.
  • If you own the Seal the Deal DLC and finish all acts, time rifts, and chapters, you'll unlock Time's End's Purple Time Rift - Tour. This is a time rift which takes you through the past chapters.