Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

"Why, hey there young fella!
You look a little young to be up here in my workshop.

Thor is an inventor cut from A Hat in Time. He would be found in Mafia Town near his workshop. He was responsible for all the robots found in Mafia Town, and the Hookshot points. In the final, he only appears in-person in Vanessa's Manor as a frozen victim.


Thor appears to be an adult male. He's commonly seen to be deep in thought, and always has his eyebrows in an inquisitive position. He wears a brown cap with a pair of goggles perched atop, thick gloves, boots, a red buttoned vest over a white shirt, and grey pants. He appears to be carrying at least three bags or pouches on him of unknown content. He has a triangular nose with a long mustache underneath, thick sideburns, and a goatee.


In earlier builds of the game, Thor was appeared in the act "Mafia on Fire", an early version of Heating Up Mafia Town. Here he explained what was going on, and would give Hat Kid the Pogo upgrade and the Hookshot upgrade.

Thor was the central character of the scrapped Act "Repairing the Canon". In this Act, Hat Kid would need to make her way up to Thor's Workshop, and speak to him. Thor promises her that he'll help her find her parents as soon as he's done fixing the cannon. Unable to wait, Hat Kid goes and fixes it for him, prompting a Time Piece to fly out of the now repaired canon.


Thor has been shown, both in-game and through filenames, to be the creator of many objects found around the world of A Hat in Time. He is responsible for:

  • Hookshot Points
  • Mafia Town Canons
  • Janitors
  • Cleaning Robots
  • Mechanical Shark
  • Sand Mobile

Thor's Cap

Thor´s Cap

Thor's Cap was an early hat that granted Hat Kid an attack while in the air. In the playable Alpha, it could be found by pressing a button that caused it to appear near the Lighthouse. The hat was completely scrapped in the final. Its model got a few new pieces added, and became a flair for the Sprint Hat.


Thor was removed from the game, and was replaced almost entirely by the Goofy Mafia. His Workshop was removed and replaced by a few piles of crates that are climbed in She Came From Outerspace. The Observatory is still present, albeit without the entrance, and spare parts can be found littered around the platform.