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Not to be confused with Twilight Bell, a Time Rift of the same name.

The Twilight Bell is one of the four mountain peaks in the fourth Chapter: Alpine Skyline. It requires heavy use of the Dweller Mask, and features several new variants of creatures, including the Sleepy Raccoon and the Dweller Bells.


When You first arrive, you will need the Dweller Mask. There are two platforms leading to another platform, with a Nomad, telling you "The Twilight Bell is just ahead!" Then you have to climb up a platform leading to another platform needing the Dweller Mask again. Then you climb up to a little bridge leading to a Dweller Bell that has a bridge. be careful and make sure to make it in time there! Then there's a bridge leading to a platform and the trail leading to the bell. you'll need the Hookshot Badge for this! There's the Badge Seller and a Nomad. "Look at that thing! If I only I could reach it." Cling onto the bell, And boom! An alternate dimension awaits!

Inside The Twilight Bell[]

Jump onto another platform in front of you. But hang on! you still need the hookshot badge. Use the Dweller Mask so that you can get to two boxes leading to a bigger box. Then there's a negative dweller bell (yeah, its a thing.) you can still use your dweller mask, but the boxes aren't complete boxes. then you can climb on top a circle platform with a bridge. The rest of the bridge is a waterfall. Then you can see a a big dweller box blocking you from getting in. (again, use the dweller mask.) There's a dweller bell there. First, you need to go to the right side. climb on the boxes. (optional: you may need the Fast Hatter badge.) Then, you can just walk on the bridge until you get to the platform with a horn. Then, you need to get to the Left side this time. There are some negative dweller bells, so make sure to avoid that. Then you need to walk on some bridges with more dwellers. then, on top of a box, you can get the key.

The second room[]

There's a gate, so use the dweller mask for that, again. then there's a bridge and a room with another gate. Go down to a room with another gate. Inside, there's a negative dweller bell. you'll actually need that to get the other key. But wait! The gate is still there blocking you. go down to another dweller wall. Then just use the dweller mask so that the gate turns into a sorta-balcony. Then you can use the key.

The final room[]

you need to ring some dweller bells. cling onto hookshots, then cling go to the other side. Then ring another dweller bell, revealing some stairs. there's a darker box and use the dweller mask. then you can finally get the time peice.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"I think I saw some ghosts today? Goat ghosts?"

"I don't know where that bell took me, but it certainly wasn't somewhere I was supposed to be."