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"Young lady, if I catch you in the studio, you'll receive a ticket
so big you'll be in debt for years.
—The Receptionist

The Receptionist is a rather tall owl that stands behind the front desk in the lobby of Dead Bird Studio. He wears a grey shirt with black overalls. His eyes are always either closed or squinting.

The Receptionist tells Hat Kid not to enter the recording studio, as they're currently filming. He also mentions that letting Hat Kid in would be a liability, as the Studio is only insured for bird staff. Speaking to him a second time makes him mention the bill Hat Kid would receive for trespassing.


  • While The Receptionist never appears in Chapter 5's Act, The Finale, he does have unused text leftover in the localization files for an appearance there. He would have questioned if the new world had bird insurance.
  • The Receptionist would have originally driven the Conductor's Train, as seen in the Beta Build. He would have mistaken Hat Kid for Mustache Girl, and then activated the train's self destruct in an attempt to prevent her from getting to the front.
  • The Receptionist's shirt is grey in-game, but the manual depicts it as white.
  • He's voiced by Youtube Celebrity Jon Jafari, better known by his handle "JonTron." He's only one of two major Youtubers featured in the game.