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The Narrator was a cut character from A Hat in Time that would’ve appeared in Sand n Sails.

Role and Removal[]

According to William T. Nichols, the character was planned to be used in the Twilight Dungeon section of Sand n Sails, narrating the level, which was a tribute to the TV series The Twilight Zone, which he and Jonas Kaerlev were really into at the time. Outside of being the narrator of the dungeon, however, he wasn’t really fleshed out beyond that. The Narrator was removed when Sand n Sails became Alpine Skyline, as the Twilight Dungeon would be replaced with the Twilight Bell in the process.

His model can still be found in the game files[1], but without any animations, and, according to William, voice overs for the character were recorded[2].


  • A cut loading screen graphic refers to the Twilight Dungeon as Mr. TV’s Playhouse. It can be assumed through this that Mr. TV was meant to be his real name.