The Mustache Gauntlet is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. In it, you need to go through The Finale and kill 100 enemies, 99 of which are here.


Main Challenge

As stated before, in this Death Wish you must brave the finale again, but this time you must defeat all 99 enemies in the stage. This can be a hard task, as some enemies are hard to kill and require some fancy tricks and skill. Some of the hazards in this stage have also been made harder to get past. Especially the end, which is a complete smorgasbord of hazards.

Bonus Challenges

The first bonus makes the Death Wish harder by causing the player to be more careful, as being burned is now banned. This can be hard because of the fire crows, which require a little more precision to defeat, as Hat Kid's homing attack cannot be used on them. The second bonus doesn't change the Death Wish too much, but makes the final part significantly harder to pass.

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