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The Moon is a Time Rift found in The Big Parade of Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds. It is found at the bottom left of the building, very close to the crowd. Despite the picture having been taken during The Big Parade, this time rift can be accessed during Picture Perfect.

The Level[]

Comparing the difficulty to the prior Time Rifts of Chapter 1, The Moon Time Rift elevates the difficulty a considerable amount given its placement as a Chapter 2 Time Rift, with more complex hazards, platforming and puzzles throughout. The Hookshot Badge is also required for completion of the level.

This can be seen as a very troubling aspect of the Rift itself, as its main niche found throughout the level is the implementation of seven Musician Owls that play their instruments and follow the path behind the player akin to The Big Parade.

The first parts of the level are very standard, with the Musicians trailing far enough behind that they don't pose any major threat and the platforming very easy to comprehend. A checkpoint is activated as the player begins a puzzle including two switches to extend a partial bridge to the next segment of the level. Pressing the nearby panel and following the other wire amidst several wall climbs leads to the second switch and to the second part of the level.

There is another checkpoint to begin the second segment. Here, the player will start to see the Musicians to be more a nuisance than before, as the requirement to wall-jump repeatedly can lead to a single drop that hits the player with a Musician and another point with the resulting fall to the pits below, effectively draining two of the player's health.

The platforming here also serves some very hazardous jumps and situations, such as the wall-jump that requires the player to press and hold the forward movement key to reach and start wall climbing on the opposite wall, but can also lead to the player immediately walking off the small ledge when they reach the top of the walljump itself. After that is some more typical platforming to the switch, looping the player around with enough time and room to not make the Musicians overly annoying.

The second path requires the player to jump once, move underneath a barrier and double-jump on the opposite side to pass the gap. This type of jump is rather tricky to pull off and seen in areas much further into the game such as The Windmill of Alpine Skyline. More typical platforming and pressing the final switch opens a doorway for the player, leading directly to the Time Piece without any other hazards.