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The Illness has Spread is the Act 5 of the fourth Chapter: Alpine Skyline. It is the finale of the chapter, meaning it can only be accessed after gaining the Time Pieces from each feature in Alpine Skyline. In it, Hat Kid has to destroy the source of the illness, the three Flowers.


For this mission, the goal is to get to the three flowers found towards each of the three peaks excluding The Twilight Bell's. After following the normal path for a while, there is a divergence that forces the player to a new segment of islands that house the flower of that area. For convenience, each flower is marked with a large visual cue similarly to Heating Up Mafia Town, where the destination to the flowers are shown on the screen.

As the player steps foot onto a new island that holds a flower, it will begin to perform some basic self-defensive attacks, such as releasing large seeds which detonate on impact to the ground, acting similarly to a barrage of mortar shots that Hat Kid must avoid. To further add to the defense is the presence of Sick Goats, the after-effects of inhalation of a flower's seeds by a normal goat. They actively seek out a player that is close, flailing as they approach them, dealing damage and high knockback.

Once a flower has been uprooted, a horn blows to signify the cleansing of one of the flowers, as well as knocking out any nearby goats under the flower's influence. From there, the following flower(s) begin to update their behaviors for better self-defense. A new attack is added, a large outcropping of thorny roots and stems which erupts from the ground indicated by a circle, as well as increased frequency of seed barrages. After all the flowers have been defeated, the illness is alleviated and the Nomads award Hat Kid with a Time Piece, claiming that it was her actions which put an end to the event.

When it comes to the rest of the map, the infection clogs the ropes that lead to non-important areas such as the Twilight Bell or the ziplines which leads to areas like the Birdhouse, Windmill or Lava Cake proper. As such, the progression of the level is quite linear when compared to the normal Alpine Skyline formula, but the ability to attack the flowers in any order is still present.

Diary Entry[]

After each act Hat Kid will write in her diary about the last mission. The diary can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows.

What the heck was all that about? Those nasty plants flowered and infected the big goats or something?

All I know is they got REAL angry and things got REAL stormy and it was a bad time for everyone.


  • The infection blocking ropes is used in the various Death Wish challenges revolving around Alpine Skyline.
  • Despite its unorthodox methods of attacking compared to others in the category, the flowers are counted towards the Bosses counter of the Camera Tourist Death Wish Candle.
  • The thorny outcrop attack gained by flowers are very similar to the various attacks used by The Snatcher, down to the circular indicator and sound effects.
    • They are also very similar looking to the plants found in Subcon Forest.