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Moonjumper Head "Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."

"You must find this fire. You must, must! Otherwise I cannot tell
you how to jump over the moon!
—The Grass Stomper

The Grass Stomper was an energetic deer-like creature lurking in Subcon Forest, and the original owner of the Dweller Mask. According to Beta Hat in Time Animatics by Shane Frost, this creature would have helped Hat Kid on her journey, telling her how to Jump over the Moon and defeat Moonjumper.

Inside its mask is the Green Foxfire named Starlight, which was the only thing Moonjumper feared.

Other Animatics insinuate that Snatcher was friends with Neth, the Painter whom Vanessa called her "Prince." Moonjumper, who possessed Neth, tricked Snatcher into hiding Starlight and the Grass Stomper's mask in Queen Vanessa's Manor.

The Grass Stomper is not implemented into the game; it was never given a 3D model, concept art, or any references in the games files, being alluded to the existence of solely in Beta Lore Animatics by Shane Frost.

The rings around the Grass Stomper's Body are used to peer into other worlds like gates in certain circumstances. Otherwise, they hover randomly along its body.


There is no info or clues alluding to why the Grass Stomper was scrapped, but it likely was removed when Moonjumper was removed and the dweller mask was repurposed into a hat, being no more need for foxfire to defeat an enemy that didnt exist anymore.

References in the game[]

N/A as it was never given any concept art or modeling



n/a, please add. You can watch the beta animatic about the Grass Stomper here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2z_JaYPDA4