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The Floor is Lava is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing the Lava Cake in Alpine Skyline without coming into contact by falling into the lava that covers a majority of the ground of the area.


Avoiding contact with the lava of Lava Cake peak is a rather simple task given how far into the game it is placed, since the player would have ample skill developed over playing through most of Alpine Skyline and the other Chapters up to this point, making such a basic platforming challenge relatively tame.


Since the Lava Cake's pathway consists of many pillar platforms that rise and fall from the lava, having a keen sense of observation to how platforms coordinate their rise and fall with other platforms and good judgement to what phase they will be when you arrive at them will help avoid the intended mistake of having the platform suddenly fall from underneath the player and likely into the lava below.

A risky trick can be taken to make effective use of the whole duration a platform is above the lave: By waiting for less than the full duration a pillar takes to resurface after it plunges, and the player jumps over the area where the pillar will pop up, the player will be pushed upwards and onto the platform itself, effectively making the leap of faith pay off with more time they can spend on the platform before it were to plunge again. Such a trick is highly beneficial for the platforms on the top tier of the Lava Cake, as their rapid decent from the next pillar's rise grants the player more time to react and correctly platform the more difficult segments.