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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."
Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

The Finale is the only act of fifth Chapter: Time's End, however, this is not the final act despite the Chapter and Act name due to DLC being released. In this act, Hat Kid must skip to the head of a queue and work her way through a long obstacle course filled with lava, traps, and familiar faces.

Mustache Girl's Castle[]

Similar to the exterior, Mustache Girl's Castle is full of huge vanity objects like golden statues, chandeliers, large red velvet curtains and the same cages used in the Toilet of Doom's lair. To contrast such lavish decoration is the abundance of lava pools beneath, as well as defensive systems such as fire breathing pedestals, hammers and periodically firing cannons to make the linear hallway more diverse and challenging.

Located inside are more NPCs, including C.A.W members, Fire Spirits, Subcon Dwellers, an Express Owl, Goats and Snatcher's Minions. Typical enemies inside include Sleepy Racoons, Normal, Ferice and Fiery Crows, Lazy Gang members and a unique enemy type of deranged Express Owls. These Express Owls will attack by throwing clip boards at the player, proceeded by frantically flying and running around. The first of these encounters exclaims he wants Hat Kid's end of the line ticket to avoid judgement.

Boss Battle[]

There is a prelude to the battle beginning with a Mafia member trying to lie past the judgement of Mustache Girl, leading up to his verdict of being a bad guy and sent plummeting to his doom. Wanting to pass more judgment, Mustache Girl hesitantly declares Hat Kid a good guy and quickly calls for the next person in line to be judged.

If the player attempts to leave with their verdict, a text pop-up will exclaim how leaving the world in such a state wouldn't be good for anyone. Attempting to leave further will result in a false "bad ending", before the rest of the crew outside give Hat Kid the confidence to face Mustache Girl. Going backwards again results in the same events.

Going up to Mustache Girl will result in being smacked backwards, causing the last of Mustache Girl's good will towards Hat Kid to be lost and so begins the first phase of the boss battle in Mustache Girl's throne room. The first phase includes Mustache Girl quickly teleporting in and out of the player's view, until she swipes at them, tossing hourglass projectiles, quickly floating across the battlefield in a straight line and launching up from the ground as indicted by a damage reticle.

Dealing 5 blows progresses to the next phase, where a cutscene bands together all the antagonists behind Hat Kid in order to stop Mustache Girl's oppressive rule, telling her to "Get lost". Baffled, Mustache Kid realizes Hat Kid's collusion with the "bad guys" and shatters a Time Piece to begin the next phase.

To begin the phase, a rain of hourglass projectiles onto a near-black arena showers the player, eventually leading to the true phase of Hat Kid facing against Mustache Girl in a multicolor arena surrounded by many NPCs. From the prior round, the floating attack is replaced with a new beam attack, slowly tracking Hat Kid's position. The hourglasses now leave lines that span the arena, eventually unleashing a damaging burst similar to the Toilet of Doom's cage attack.

After another six hits, a Mafia member discusses with the Conductor to help Hat Kid land some hits on Mustache Girl to help her in the fight. As a result, the Conductor rides a large Mafia ball, the same used by Mafia Boss in the beginning of the game. Here, the player can attack with the umbrella or just walk up to it like a normal ball to kick it in the direction they are facing, instantly hitting Mustache Girl for damage and launching the ball into the air for a short while.

The next phase begins with 4 more hits and the destruction of the Mafia ball, where Mustache Girl forms a protective shield around herself to resist Hat Kid's umbrella hits. As a result, Snatcher and a Goat sign a contract "to get [Mustache Girl] lost", where Snatcher spawns in live Fruit Bombs and the Goat throw them into the ring. To the list of Mustache Girl's attacks includes a repeated stomp, releasing a slow moving ring that expands over the arena.

Leading to the final phase after 5 hits, Mustache Girl angrily yells "ENOUGH!" and begins to mercilessly slaughter the spectators in an attempt to stop them from assisting Hat Kid. As a result however, two Mafia members get the idea to defeat each other in order to supply Hat Kid with useful Pons, quickly followed by the defeat of DJ Grooves and The Conductor, two crows and two Lazy Gang members. As the crowd assists Hat Kid, Mustache Girl has the realization of their loss leaving herself all alone. Mafia Boss (still a head in a jar) retorts by saying how Mustache Girls alterations made her the bad guy and that she needs to get lost. Snatcher joins in and exclaims how the people don't need a "hero" in her and to get lost, quickly followed by a C.A.W Agent.

At the loss of many lives, the ground quakes as Mustache Girl's powers appear to weaken. This begins the final battle, where Mustache Girl's attacks reach the most powerful and obnoxious of the whole fight, readily launching an attack with very little time after the prior attack. Furthermore, attacks like the stomp and hourglass toss have increased in speed dramatically, with the hourglasses coming in bursts of five rather than three and likely to cover a large portion of the arena in black lines. To top these enhanced attacks, hourglasses randomly fall from the sky onto the arena, making the battle all the more hectic.

To counteract the intensity of the final round, the Pons dropped by fellow convictees will readily heal Hat Kid's wounds if they were to be sustained.

After landing the final 8 hits of Mustache Girl's 28 health pool, both girls are automatically teleported to the throne room with Mustache Girl partially unconscious, laying on the ground and feebly lifting her head only to fall back down. From here, the Time Pieces are reclaimed by Hat Kid and the Act to conclude into the Credits.


Below is a list of achievements related to this act.

Image Name Description
One Punch Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped.

Diary Entry[]

After each act Hat Kid will write in her diary about the last mission. The diary can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows.

I have no idea how to even describe what happened today.

I'll probably just leave this diary entry blank, sorry future me!


  • The Snatcher actually has special dialogue if you did not complete Your Contract has Expired when you talk to him before you enter Mustache Girl's castle, saying "Oh, wait. You never quite earned that back, did you?"
  • Mustache Girl's battle theme is titled You Are All Bad Guys.
  • The theme for the act itself is titled Judge, Jury and Executioner.
  • If you run the opposite direction of the throne when Mustache Girl says you can move on, a secret cutscene plays.
  • The diary entry is bugged, and shows the default text for when there is no diary entry for the last level played. Looking into the localization files, there is a diary entry for this level, but it goes unused.
    • That got out of hand. As if this planet didn't have enough lava on it already! I'm sick of people here sneaking into my ship! It's rude! Time for me to go home.
    • If the player has the Diary Plus mod installed, this is the entry for the chapter.