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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

The Conductor's grandchildren are NPCs who only appear in the DLC chapter, Arctic Cruise.


The grandchildren are small, yellow birds of presumably low age. There are 8 grandchildren in total, some which have their own appearance.

The first grandchild is shirtless, wearing a white diaper and a pacifier in its mouth.

The second is wearing a white diaper and a white shirt, along with a white captain's hat.

The third is wearing a white diaper, a straw hat, and a pink shirt, implying that this grandchild is a female.

The fourth grandchild is wearing a white diaper with a black and white swim shirt.

The two next grandchildren all are shirtless and don't have any headwear. The exception to this is in the final chapter, where one is wearing the other grandchild's straw hat.

The two last grandchildren are shirtless and wearing hats similar to the Conductor. In later chapters, one can be seen holding a small kitchen knife similar to the one in Murder on the Owl Express, indicating they inherited their grandfather's over the top nature and prosperity for violence.


Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

In Act 1 of the Arctic Cruise, Bon Voyage! the children can be seen outside the ship with the Conductor, presumably waiting to enter the ship. They can later be seen inside of a play-pen in a room next to the ship's pool and bar. If the player looks at the monitors next to the right stairs in the captain's deck, they can see one of the children playing in the play-pen area before noticing the security camera and approaching to threaten it with a small kitchen knife.

In Act 2, Ship Shape, the grandchildren will be absent from the ship until accepting the job from the Captain. They have a minor role in this chapter by being some of the tasks Hat Kid needs to attend to. They will appear at random places in the ship where they have to be picked up and taken back to the play-pen to complete a task.

In Act 3, Rock the Boat, the grandchildren will be some of the NPCs the player needs to rescue from the sinking ship. When everyone is saved, all the grandchildren will be in their own lifeboat along with two Seals.


  • They are first mentioned in Battle of the Birds, later debuting in the Arctic Cruise.