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The Community Thanks You is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by collecting 30 community-made Rift Tokens.


As it requires the playing of Rifts made by many of the community members, achieving The Community Thanks You can fluctuate in difficulty depending on which mod Time Rifts are downloaded on the Steam Workshop.

Obviously, since this is content typically generated by a small group or a single person, there can be an issue of map quality, leading to improper difficulty, odd mechanics, low quantities of Rift Tokens to collect and other issues that can be encountered to make it's completion much more of a hassle.

On the opposite hand however, several mod Time Rifts can also show to have very lenient design, low difficulty, or be designed from the ground-up to be as easy and as Time Rift Token saturated as it possibly can as an "Achievement Map" of sorts.


Since a Mod Time Rift can contain any sorts of hazards and prerequesites such as the Hook Shot Badge, it is wise to complete this achievement far into the game when the basics have been covered and the player has a good general grasp to completing Time Rifts normally. Plus, most Mod Time Rifts tend to list their required Hats or Badges in their Steam Workshop page, allowing the player to parse which ones are accessable, and which ones can be more challenging than the others,

A good place to start looking is by using the Level Type sorting option in the Steam Workshop, as it contains Time Rifts as their own subcategory.