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The City of Calcite and Adventure was the predecessor name and level design to Mafia Town that was seen in early Steam Greenlight promotional material. The mafia characters (Mafia Goons, Mafia Boss, and Coffee Clerk) were added into the game during this stage of development, as well as the characters Tim and Tim's Friend. The cut detective NPC seen in The Harbor returned in this stage of development, and uses a placeholder model of Hat Kid. The Tailor was located directly next to Seaside Spaghetti as opposed to its location in the final game.


(Betafied Exclusive) A Hat in Time - Rocket Ride 2


(Betafied Exclusive) A Hat in Time - Hookshots, Huds 'n Hats

According to William T. Nicholls, the lead 3D Artist, a scene would have featured a Mafia Goon capturing Hat Kid in the basement of Seaside Spaghetti. Time would freeze, turning the surrounding area monochrome, the Mafia Goon would turn into a cardboard cutout, and Tim and Tim's Friend would give Hat Kid her choice of weapon, all of which would just result in the umbrella. Upon attacking the cardboard cutout, the Mafia Goon would return to normal, and killing him resumed time. This would result in the silhouette of Mustache Girl to appear in a nearby window and ask Hat Kid if she wanted to take down more Mafia.

One of the Acts would have Hat Kid make herself dirty in order to disgust the Mafia Goons blocking the entrance to Seaside Spaghetti, letting her enter and rescue the Coffee Clerk inside. Another Act had Hat Kid help the Coffee Clerk get his birds back.

Mustache Girl joined Hat Kid during Act 2 and could be issued a command that allowed Hat Kid to bounce off of her with a jump boost. After sneaking through Mafia HQ, the Act led to a boss battle themed around a stage drama with the Mafia Boss. Unlike its final incarnation, this version of the fight was a 3D battle and had Mustache Girl assist you during it. The text for this scrapped fight was found leftover in the Alpha Build that was made available to Kickstarter backers:

intro0 = Let the show...    [big][scream]begin!![/scream][/big]
sceneb0 = In this scene, we're on our honeymoon! Our love is fruitful and endless!
sceneb1 = What is this! You're having an affair!?
sceneb2 = I am fueled with endless rage and will now act irrationally with violence!!

cutout0 = Hello, I am your handsome lover. What a pleasant surprise to run into you this fine evening.

boss_sceneb0 = Oh no. Big man will hit small girl. Someone call police. Make small scream here.
boss_sceneb1 = We are police, what is problem? Police talk with big man.
boss_sceneb2 = Even our delicate talk can not satisfy anger of big man.
boss_knives0 = Gentlemen... and fellow Mafia! In this scene, girl will be cut into many pieces. Do not attempt at home.

thrown0 = Argh!
thrown1 = No don't throw meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!
hifive0 = Yeah!!
waiter_intro0 = I think I have a plan.
waiter_intro1 = Do you see that door to the kitchen over there? I bet it has an alternative way of getting into the theatre!
waiter_intro2 = The waiter is moving in and out of the kitchen, if you sneak behind him you can probably get in.
waiter_intro3 = I'll be ready to grab you if he turns around, just jump up and I'll catch you real ninja-like!
waiter_intro4 = Here he comes... I'll distract him! Make sure he doesn't notice you!
deflect0 = Go get him!
deflect1 = Quit standing around[br]get him while he's down!!
hook0 = What the!!
knifeboard0 = Whoaahh!!
knifeboard1 = Do what I did! Hit his knives back!
knifeboard2 = Hey!![br]Watch what[br]you're doing!!

Chapter 1 was eventually renamed to Down With The Mafia at some point during this development period.


(Betafied Exclusive) A Hat in Time - March 2013 Trailer


A song named "A City Of Calcite And Adventure", was composed by Edgar Phoete and is available on SoundCloud. Most promotional material from during this development period features placeholder music from other popular games.

Hourglass/Limbo Hub

At this point in development, each chapter featured it's own hourglass HUB area. The main boss would be visible outside of the hourglass, with Chapter 1 featuring a Mafia Goon. The HUB areas would have multiple settings depending on the time period being played, with The City of Calcite and Adventure having 3 planned. These were as follows:

  • 1) Past: Oppressed by the Mafia of Cooks
  • 2) Present: Celebrating the defeat of the Mafia
  • 3) Future: Post-apocalyptic future after plague attack

Each setting would have its own entrance. Chapter 1's HUB area also functioned as a short tutorial, teaching players basic movement controls in one of the early prototype builds.


A Hat in Time Hourglass Hub

Tying everything together was a map with doors leading to each chapter's individual HUB area. Ultimately, these individual HUB areas were scrapped in favor of Hat Kid's Spaceship.



  • The hourglass HUB area model was later modified and used in the beta exclusive bonus act Beta Hero's Challenge. Aditionally the assets for both the Limbo and Hourglass Hub remain inside the final game's files and can be used with the modding tools.
  • Some of the assets of this level still remain in the final version of the game in the harbor directory.
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