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Take a Hike is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by platforming upwards on Snatcher's home and reaching its large mushroom peak.


Since climbing upwards to the top of the big mushroom is accompanied by thin branch pathways and bouncy mushrooms that need to be bounded upon in order to reach higher ground, the requirements on the player's platforming skill can be quite demanding to anything at this point of the game.

This is further emphasized by both the lack of Heart Pons to heal any falling damage sustained as well as no checkpoints exclusive to the hike itself, requiring either a quick dive to safety by the player after failing a jump or having to plummet to a lower platform and retry all the progress that was lost.


Due to the nature of narrow and precise platforming on static platforms, there are very few items that can help benefit the climb upwards. Hats prominent for assisting movement like the Sprint Hat or the Time Stop Hat are either desegregated to a hindrance or a neutral asset to this type of platforming, as increasing movement speed horizontally at the loss of vertical power leaves some segments of the hike very dangerous.

Of all the badges available, the Hover Badge can see some legitimate use here in order to conserve the player's health. It is also recommended to unequip the Item Magnet Badge, as the Pons used to dot the platforms needed to progress upwards can be very beneficial for orienting oneself if a lengthy fall were to occur.


  • The name comes from an idiom of the same name meaning "go away"