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Subcon Forest - All Clear! is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing Subcon Forest completely, by collecting all the Time Pieces in both the Acts and Time Rifts.


Being the middle Chapter of A Hat in Time, Subcon Forest's overall difficulty is at worst lukewarm to the more experienced players, with its rather low deviation in gimmicks that mostly grant objectives that play into general platforming challenges or serve as standalone parts of the game such as Queen Vanessa's Manor or the boss fight in Toilet of Doom.

The most helpful aspect of Subcon's general structure is its tendency to have very brief distances to travel to the location of interest, placing Hat Kid in Subcon's Village in Act 3 due to its close proximity to the Toilet of Doom itself. The same can be said for almost every Act outside The Subcon Well, making the most time consuming aspect of the achievement the completion of the objectives.

One key difference that splits Subcon Forest apart from other Chapters is its Contract system to unlock new Acts. These are very helpful in completing the achievement as quickly as possible, as willingly running into Snatcher's traps to unlock new Acts serves as a powerful feedback loop, essentially able to unlock as many Acts as the player completes prior Acts, making progressing internally quick.


Since Snatcher provides the player with the option to choose their contracts, it is highly important to choose the best order of contracts to make travel and exploring for more traps as efficient and waste as little time as possible. Acts like Mail Delivery Service is a great Act for scavenging for other contracts, while others with short distance like Toilet of Doom are less likely to provide any significant yield.

Though the Contract system can be very beneficial if one know's where to get caught, cruising in Mail Delivery Service inside the thick of the forest itself helps not only to progress through the Act's gimmick of sending mail to Snatcher's Minions, but also has the benefit of potentially coming across more of Snatcher's traps and fueling the unlock of the other Acts for completion of the Chapter.

If worst comes to worst, looking out for Time Rifts can help with providing valid reason for exploring the outback segments of Sleepy Subcon and the Burning Forest without having to backtrack to a legitimate objective afterwards. The Pipe is arguably the worst in this regard, found very close to the midway of the manor's road, the road towards Subcon Village and the road towards Snatcher's home. Others like Village or Sleepy Subcon are much more palatable in this regard, as well as justifying the exploration of the canopies of the surrounding area for more Artifacts for other areas or even Subcon's own artifact.