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Not to be confused with Snatcher's Minions.

Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"These dwellers are so hard to talk to.
Maybe you could break the ice with them for us?
—A duo of Snatcher's Minions

Subcon Dwellers, also known as Forest Dwellers, are a species of serpentine spirits that appear in various colors, and can be found in many locations around Subcon Forest. They can usually be found wearing Dweller Masks, and hardly ever speak. They live in Subcon Village. The masks themselves can come in three separate varieties, as well as three separate colors, the masks and colors are as follows: A fox-like orange mask, a human-like white mask with an expression of fear, and a bunny-like pale blue mask with long ears. The colors consist of green, red, and blue respectively.


Subcon Dwellers, while commonly found as silent NPCs, also serve several more practical gameplay purposes.

Cherry Bombs[]

Bringing large cherries, usually found around the Subcon Forest, to a Subcon Dweller results in the Dweller possessing the cherry. This causes the cherry to turn red, and a timer appears above it. Once the time runs out, the cherry will explode. These cherry bombs can be used to break walls of ice, allowing Hat Kid to reach new areas and collectibles.

Dweller Bells[]

Several floating bells can be found with a green sphere around them. This sphere has the same effect as the dweller mask. Hitting this bell causes the radius to expand, and a Subcon Dweller to appear, coiled around the bell. A timer will appear over the bell, and the radius will slowly shrink, until the timer reaches zero, at which point, the bell will be in its original state.

Negative Dweller Bells also exist. These function similarly to the normal kind, but with a few differences. The bell will emit a red sphere that creates spaces where dweller platforms cannot become solid. The dwellers on these bells are always fully silver, including their masks. Unlike the regular variant, these bells can be seen moving.


  • It has been observed that multiple spirits can possess a cherry bomb to make it larger, creating a bigger explosion. This is only shown in the act Toilet of Doom.
  • Hat Kid can wear all the Dweller Mask variants, excluding the "Metal" version.
  • In the Sleepy Subcon Time Rift Storybook, several children are shown wearing masks that bears a striking resemblance to those worn by the Dwellers.
  • There used to be a Subcon Dweller near Snatcher's Tree. This Dweller was the only one in entire game with dialogue, albeit without voice acting. As of the March 10, 2018 Modding Support Beta update, it has been removed.
    • "Oh, hello there. Are you lost too? I've been lost for as long as I can remember."
  • The Subcon Dwellers have a second bit of unused line of dialogue that never made it into the game.
    • "GAHH!! W-who are you?"
    • "Oh, just some kid? Phew. For a minute I was worried you were that shadow guy."
    • "He's kinda rude. I wouldn't associate with that guy. He messes with us, like using the cherries to make us explode.