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Storybook Pages are collectibles found in Purple Time Rifts that come together to create a storybook. They tell a story of the antagonists/supporting characters and/or the location in the past. However, it may be drawn from a subjective view.

Regular Rifts[]

Mafia's Grand Voyage[]

Mafia's Grand Voyage tells the story of the Mafia and their boss, from their once simple life as factory workers to their ocean voyage and eventual takeover of the island they would name Mafia Town.

Conductor and Grooves' Big Dreams[]

Conductor and Groove's Big Dreams tells the story of The Conductor and DJ Grooves, from their youthful inspirations to pursue movie-making careers to their chance encounter that would make them rivals.

The Tale of Queen Vanessa[]

The Tale of Queen Vanessa tells the story of Queen Vanessa, and by proxy, The Snatcher, and how a misunderstanding leads to a broken heart and a tragic conclusion to their relationship.

The Twilight Ascent[]

The Twilight Ascent tells the story of a lone Goat traveler's journey to the top of Alpine Skyline, eventually ascending to the stars via the Twilight.

The Hero (obviously)[]

The Hero (obviously) tells the story of Mustache Girl from her point of view of when the Mafia took over her home, and how their actions eventually drove her to rebel against them. Serves as an extension to Mafia's Grand Voyage.

Lost At Sea[]

Lost At Sea tells the story of the Walrus Captain, his relationship with his mentor, and how his mentor's demise would turn his life upside down.

One Last Journey[]

One Last Journey tells the story of Rumbi, and its perspective of the main events and levels that Hat Kid goes through during her own adventures.

Death Wish Mode Rifts[]

The Nomads[]

The Nomads tells the story of the eponymous Nomads, and how they were able to build the civilization of Alpine Skyline along with the Goats. Serves as an extension to The Twilight Ascent.

The Forgotten Children[]

The Forgotten Children tells the story of the Subcon Dwellers following the disaster that befell their village, and how some of them became minions of The Snatcher. Serves as an extension to The Tale of Queen Vanessa.

Groovy Underdog[]

Groovy Underdog tells the story of the Moon Penguins and their commitment to protecting DJ Grooves. Serves as an extension to Conductor and Groove's Big Dreams.