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For the stories and lore presented in each Storybook, see Storybook Pages.

Storybooks are special sets of collectibles in A Hat in Time, which are found in special Time Rifts, serving to provide the lore of certain characters, locations or short stories that help to expand the rest of the cast.


Within the multiple levels of any Purple Time Rift or a Community Rift through Death Wish, there are Storybook Pages hidden throughout the stage, often hidden behind objects or off the typical path, rewarding exploration in players.

The quantity of Storage Pages varies between each rift, ranging from as low as five to as many as ten.

Each collected page is presented at the end of the rift, revealing the story being told in the pages. If pages were missed, the remaining missing pages will be heavily blurred. This also means that Storybooks with more collectible pages will present more pages in its presentation.

Purple Time Rifts[]

Mafia of Cooks[]

Dead Bird Studio[]

Sleepy Subcon[]

Alpine Skyline[]


Deep Sea[]

Rumbi Factory[]

Community Rifts[]

Rhythm Jump Studio[]

Twilight Travels[]

The Mountain Rift[]