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Stickers are a group of collectibles introduced in the Nyakuza Metro DLC for A Hat in Time. Each individual sticker is unique, having multiple facets when unlocked to customize the player's experience, especially in regards to the Camera Badge and Online Party.

Collecting Stickers

There are 55 Unique Stickers total (not counting Mods); starting with 3 upon loading a Save File with DLC 2 installed & active. 52 of these 55 Stickers are scattered across the landscape of the Nyakuza Metro chapter.

Each sticker can be collected simply enough, by walking up to it and touching it. If it is on a wall, it will often fall off when touched, landing on the floor below for proper collection. If a constant floor is absent or if the floor is too far away, the sticker is instead collected directly from the wall.

The only other stickers that Hat Kid can collect or already has prior to entering the metro are the default three stickers: Heart, Star and Cat Crime.

Image Sticker Holo Version Voice Lines
Hat Kid Stickers
HatKid Blerp.png HatKid Blerp ✔️ "Blerp"
HatKidHeh.png HatKidHeh ✔️ "Heh" with two variations
TowerOfHats.png TowerOfHats ✔️ "Nice" with two variations
HatKidHmmm.png HatKidSmug ✔️ "Hmmm"
Smooch.png Smooch ✔️ Three variable kissing voice lines
HatKidSnap.png HatKidSnap ✔️ "Hehe"


DoubleShades.png DoubleShades ✔️ "Cool"

"So Cool"

"Even Cooler"

"Too Cool"

ThankYou.png ThankYou ✔️ "Thank You", same voice line from Hat Kid after killing the umbrella-wielding Mafia in Welcome to Mafia Town
HatKidWow.png HatKidWow ✔️ "Awesome"

"Oh my gosh" with two variations

Bleeh.png Bleeh ✔️ Two variable taunting voice lines
HatKid Money.png HatMoney "Money, Money, Money" with two variations
HatBody.png HatBody ✔️ "Huzzah"
ScooterDrift.png ScooterDrift ✔️ "Vroom"

"Make way"

"Outta the way"

"Beep beep"

CatKid.png CatKid ✔️ "Can't resist"
Yeehaw.png Yeehaw ✔️ "Yeehaw" with three variations
HatKid CatCrime.png HatCrime "Breakin' the law" with two variations
HatKidBam.png HatKidBam ✔️ Voice lines when Hat Kid throws a concoction from the Brewing Hat and it explodes:





Nyoom.png Nyoom ✔️ "Whee", which is also used when Hat Kid rides Rumbi as it collides into a wall and spins


Boo.png Boo ✔️ "Eww, haha"
Bow Kid Stickers
BowKid Yatta.png BowKid Yatta ✔️ "Fun"
BowKid Scared.png BowKid Scared ✔️ Voice lines when Hat Kid runs towards the Cat Trains in Nyakuza Metro:

"Yikes" with two variations

"Woah" with two variations

"Wha" with two variations


BowKidSmug.png BowKidSmug ✔️ "Hmm"
BowKidSleepy.png BowKidSleepy ✔️ *Yawn*
BowDown.png BowDown ✔️ N/A
BowCatKid.png BowCatKid ✔️ "Meow" with two variations
BowKidPow.png BowKidPow ✔️ Voice lines when Hat Kid throws a concoction from the Brewing Hat and it explodes except for a laughing line:





Mustache Girl Stickers
MuSmug.png MuSmug ✔️ "So Cool"
MustacheTwirl.png MustacheTwirl ✔️ N/A
MuScheming.png MuScheming ✔️ "Can't help it"
Mu Ohohoho.png Mu Ohohoho ✔️ "Ohohoho", a voice line when Hat Kid throws a concoction from the Brewing Hat and it explodes
Mafia Town Stickers
MafiaDelicious.png MafiaDelicious ✔️ N/A
GhostMafia.png GhostMafia ✔️ "Down with the Mafia", same voice line from Hat Kid after taking the umbrella from the Mafia in Welcome to Mafia Town
Battle of the Birds Stickers
Groovy.png Groovy ✔️ N/A
Darling.png Darling ✔️ "Darling"
ConductorHey.png ConductorHey ✔️ "Wait, hey"


Myurder.png Murder ✔️ "Myurder" with two variations
Subcon Forest Stickers
SnatcherContract.png SnatcherContract ✔️ "Huh"
SnatcherUpset.png SnatcherUpset ✔️ *Upset groan*
SnatcherDefeat.png SnatcherDefeat ✔️ Two variable sad sigh voice lines
Alpine Skyline Stickers
Rage.png Rage ✔️ N/A
Arctic Cruise Stickers
Egg.png Egg ✔️ "Egg"
Happy.png Happy ✔️ "Yay" with two variations


Sowwy.png Sowwy ✔️ "Sowwy"
CaptainSigh.png CaptainSigh ✔️ *sigh*
BabbyMode.png BabbyMode ✔️ "Baby" with two variations

"Babby mode"

Nyakuza Metro Stickers
CatAww.png CatAww "Wow" with three variations
CatSurprised.png CatSurprised "Mew" with two variations
Empress sticker 01.png EmpressShield N/A
Empress sticker 02.png Empress N/A
Item Stickers
Pon.png Pon ✔️ "Ca-ching" with two variations
TimePieceS.png TimePiece ✔️ Voice lines when purchasing items from vendors:



"I wants"

Other Stickers
CatCrime.png CatCrime "Cat Crime" with two variations

"Crime" with two variations

Star.png Star Generic Sound Effect
Heart sticker.png Heart Kiss Sound Effect
Wowza.png Wowza! Generic Party Blower sound effect, same effect as enabling Online Party functionality from Hat Kid's Spaceship


Camera Badge

In the Camera Badge menus, one of the four tabs is devoted completely to stickers. When taking pictures or making GIFs with the camera, any collected stickers can be put onto the frame of the picture, where it can be rotated, have its size changed and be pasted several times. This menu also contains a cursor, which allows the player to reposition any stickers placed on the frame.

Online Party

Communication options in Online Party allow for three slots of customization, where stickers can be equipped in order to use them as emotes. In co-op, both Bow Kid and Hat Kid can have unique stickers equipped. Using the sticker from the emote menu makes the sticker appear above the speaker's head and can even cause the speaker to emit unique voice lines. These stickers also appear on the player's weapon. With DLC 2 active, you can emote whenever you want; even without using Online Party. If you emote in a Mod Level, other players could possibly see where and what you emoted.

Holo Stickers

Holo stickers are a special kind of sticker which are announced to the player after they have completed a level. When this occurs, a particular level or chapter is chosen and a holo sticker is placed there, allowing the player to then search through that area to collect it.

The sticker's location is often given the vague act or series of acts to find, so that a sticker in Alpine Skyline will specify the peak that a sticker is located at rather than just stating a sticker is somewhere in Alpine Skyline. Furthermore, stickers in specific parts of a chapter exclusive to an act will be specified, such as having a holo sticker in Mafia Headquarters be specified as being in the act Down with the Mafia! rather than just Mafia Town.

The player will be told where the sticker has been placed unless that area has not been unlocked yet, in which case they will simply be told: "A rare sticker has appeared somewhere - go find it!". The most recent announcement can be read by interacting with a machine in Hat Kid's Spaceship, located under the panel listing the amount of Pons the player has.

Akin to Relics, using the Compass Badge pops up a floating arrow which directs the player towards the holo sticker. However, the arrow is unique in that it is rainbow colored and cycles through colors as it stays visible. More importantly, the arrow moves erratically rather than pointing at a set location, making the exact placement more difficult to pinpoint. However, the degree of variation is limited enough for the arrow to give a general direction to the holo sticker's location.

Holo stickers are essentially a shiny, rainbow-tinted version of the regular variant, where communicating with it causes the ring around the player to be rainbow colored and the sticker to be tinted when viewed on the player's weapon or in a picture.

Once collected, the holo sticker is put into the user's Steam Inventory, where it can be sold on the Steam Market. As a result, holo stickers have the ability to be unlocked across all save files, rather than being locked away to the file which collected them, as is the case with regular stickers.


Name Image Description
A Work of Art
Put 10 different stickers on a single screenshot!
Stickin' Star
Collect 30 Stickers in Nyakuza Metro
Stick It To The Man
Collect your first holographic sticker!