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Speedrun Well is a challenge in Death Wish Mode. As the name suggests, in this one, you have to speedrun The Subcon Well within 2 minutes or less!


Main Challenge[]

In this Death Wish, you must speed through Subcon Well, trying to complete it as fast as you can. This can be a very hard task to accomplish, especially since the player starts at The Snatcher's tree. The platforming section isn't any better either. It should also be noted that the cutscene where the well floods, causing Hat Kid to be forced out of it, counts on your time, and is also unskippable.

Bonus Challenges[]

The bonus challenges add to this Death Wish's difficulty, both requiring the player to beat the stage in even less time.


  • If the game is paused, the timer still goes.
  • There is a glitch where the timer can start with over two minutes of time, causing the player to die every time they attempt the challenge. This can be gotten rid of by closing, then reopening the game.
  • There is another glitch that allows the player to complete the challenge in over two minutes: the player must run out of time and die during the cutscene after breaking the ice to exit the well, and must reach the loading screen without fully dying. Once the player reaches the outside of the well, they can collect the Time Piece, however, it does not count and they must collect it again.