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"Complete this obstacle course based on She Came from Outerspace."

So You're Back From Outer Space is one of the Mafia Town challenges provided by Death Wish in A Hat in Time. It starts where the chase sequence of the Goofy Mafia begins in She Came from Outerspace, with an additional segment where the course would have ended in the normal level, increasing challenge substantially.


Main Challenge[]

For a large portion of the level, it plays identically to the chase segment of She Came from Outerspace, with the exception of no Goofy Mafia and addition of fast-falling UFOs and a tripping Mafia Goon for good measure. Once the player reaches the typical end, there the level become a more treacherous ordeal, with a very long jump over to a cannon to start the new "Part 2" of the course. Here is the addition of several high raised platforms and obstacles like wrecking balls, Mafia Goons and more fast-falling UFOs requires a lot of patience to get past without taking damage.

The most dangerous passage of the course is present after an umbrella bounce, where Hat Kid must bound from one high stack of objects with an umbrella bouncer on top to the next, with the third teetering side-to-side to potentially mess up the player's accuracy. Finally is a series of tight ropes and homing fireworks around the fountain square where the Time Piece resides.

Due to the sometimes cruel placement of UFOs to attack the player out of sight as they climb up to a new platform, it can be rather difficult to make it through the course if the player is not willing to give it the proper time it needs, as trying to rush through can end up wasting one of the three chances to fall and try again from the course rather than the start.

Bonus Challenges[]

Like most other Death Wishes, the Bonus Challenges for this level are considerably out of the way for what the main task of the level wants the player to accomplish primarily. In this instance, taking out all seven of the UFOs. Though they may be hazardous in some cases, the only issues that destroying all these UFOs is that they are often placed in places of high peril, such as the UFOs further into the course and even at the end stretch with the additional threat of homing fireworks. Otherwise, it can be a very easy bonus to accomplish if time is not an issue.

On the other hand, completing the course in 65 seconds can be a very daunting task to accomplish. Since the speedrun timers cannot be slowed down with the Time Stop Hat, the headwear of choice should be the Sprint Hat, though using it during the jump-heavy segments may lose the player some distance to close the gap. As such, the Time Stop Hat can still be argued as the best hat for the job, as it can help neutralize hazards like the wrecking balls, UFOs and homing fireworks. On top the stringent time, it is near impossible to have enough time after failing even once at any part of the course, especially the final umbrella gauntlet which sends the player back to the first umbrella if they are to fall at any point after that.  This restriction was loosened in later patches, with the time limit changed to 80 seconds - allowing you one mistake, perhaps.

Peace and Tranquility[]

Pon Cost: Pons x77

Like most Death Wishes, Peace and Tranquility for this level can be enabled to make the level easier after several deaths from the player. It seems to have little to no effect on the level but completing it normally will give you 3 stamps like for all levels with Peace and Tranquility mode.