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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Small Child, Big Trophy is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing every other Achievement in the game.


Due to the difficulty of some achievements, most players will tend to have a difficult time if one or several achievements are shown to be exceedingly difficult to obtain in their own right, like One Punch, Return Home and Personally, I Prefer the Air.

However, most of the most time consuming achievement will likely be the most bothersome in a long-run scenario when skill is no longer the limiting factor, making the more adept players already directed to unlocking all the achievements for completion sake have no issue and effectively given the achievement for doing what they were planning to do already.


As the player must unlock every single achievement, making sure to complete each whenever they may come up is a generally good way to make obtaining all the achievements far less time consuming. With Act unspecific achievements like A Series of Unfortunate Accidents, waiting for a more fitting Act gimmick or placement upon starting an Act to compliment the achievement's requirements makes for less time spent when going for achievements and more time for doing both the objective and achievement simultaneously or just less time for the achievement itself.

As the most abrasive in its requirements and difficulty, Return Home will very likely require a lot of attention, as its overarching nature that includes so much dedication and time serves as the penultimate achievement in A Hat in Time, with this being the final one. As such, strategies used to manage time spent on that achievement can be applied here, just with a different goal that involves the other achievements along the way.

Two conflicting achievements True Detective and False Detective cause A Murder on the Owl Express to be replayed twice in order to be completed. This can be used as a breather to not only unlock further Acts, but also to return and bolster one's score when the Ice Hat allows for the collection of two Conductor Icons ideal for Fueling the Feud. By such logic of prioritizing as many points for the second completion, False Detective should be completed first and True Detective afterwards to reap 560 points for obtaining all the evidence and both icons.

Given its tall height and long trek, Take a Hike and 360 no-feet can be chained off one another in order to complete both simultaneously.


  • This achievement is the only achievement exclusive to the Console versions of A Hat in Time.
    • Its PC alternative is Why.