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Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Slip 'n Slide is an Achievement in A Hat in Time. The player can obtain it by completing diving and sliding for a large distance from where the slide started.


Since sliding is one of Hat Kid's most basic movement techniques, obtaining this achievement accidentally is a very likely option. Furthermore is that the stipulation of sliding for a long distance is not overtly dangerous, given the contexts promoting the completion the most are harmless and easy to access, whilst others can be fitted to the player's preference due to the achievement's vague and highly applicable nature to a lot of situations.


Good spots that promote the user slide a great distance is most blatantly in Mafia Town. Near the beach where multiple Mafia lay in the sand and a cannon is located are two long, yellow colored water park themed slides that are supported by a large wooden structure. This structure is also the same structure holding the cannon firing Hat Kid upwards to the Mafia HQ, as well as where she begins to stalk the Goofy Mafia in the Act She Came from Outerspace.

Once these two large slides are found, approaching the opening at the top end will lead the player to begin sliding on their own given the steep incline the interior of the slide creates. For completion, the larger slide may be preferred given how chapters placing Hat Kid on the top of the structure makes it the first tube to be reached of the two. Sliding down will grant the player the achievement.

Other acts outside of Mafia Town have shown to yield very inconsistant to very low quantities of areas where a proper slide can be initiated or prolonged, making the completion of the achievement somewhat monopolized by Mafia Town's winding streets and gentle to steep inclines.

One area to consider is Subcon Swamp. Here, the player's movements inside the swamp are saved when on solid ground, resetting if they spend too much time in the swamp's mucky substance and sending them back to the last place they were able to stand safely upon. This has the prospect of causing the player to slide right before they are caught by the hands that emerge from the swamp, causing them to rapidly move towards their prior location and possibly long enough to gain the achievement.