Sleepy Subcon is a Purple Time Rift that can be found in Subcon Forest. It can be located in the center if the giant smashed hourglass. It appears when the third relic is created.

Rift Collapse

Like the other purple time rifts, this one has become unstable in Death Wish Mode.


World Rift Pons Storybook Pages Exit Cost
First 0 1 0
Second 6 4 5
Third 6 2 5
Fourth 6 1 4
Fifth 1 1 1
Sixth 0 0 0
Total: 19 9


  • In a hidden area below the second-to-last stage, you can find a book titled "Proof of Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism". The character notes that all the pages are empty.
  • Several Light Plants can be seen in the tubes in the second-to-last stage, the only time these enemies appear in the game as they were cut from the rest of it.
  • This time rift was originally supposed to show the backstory of the Sleepy Raccoon enemies found throughout the game. This idea was eventually scrapped and replaced with the backstory of Subcon Forest.


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