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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Ship Shape is the second act of the DLC chapter Arctic Cruise. In it, Hat Kid must perform a series of tasks. The more time it takes her to complete the tasks, the angrier Walrus Captain will get. If he gets too angry, she will have to start over.

In current versions of the game, it is only necessary to complete 18 tasks (with that amount being doubled for co-op play), but in earlier versions, it was necessary to finish 20 tasks in order to progress. This was likely dropped for difficulty reasons.

Diary Entry

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"There's tooootally more Time Pieces on this boat! Nobody even wants 'em!"

"That moody old Captain made me clean up (ughh!!!) his ship, but joke's on him! At least no one's getting murdered or blown up here."