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She Speedran from Outerspace is one of the Mafia Town challenges provided by Death Wish in A Hat in Time. It plays out identically to She Came from Outerspace, except the player must now race against the clock to complete the level as quickly as possible.


As one of the several speed-run type challenges provided by Death Wish, She Speedran from Outerspace has minimal change from its normal counterpart, only adding in the simple yet demanding stipulation of completing the act within the allotted time or less.

Saving Time[]

When trying to optimize this act, it is obvious that the biggest time sink can be attributed to the platforming section at the end of the level as well as general interactions with the Goofy Mafia.

Mafia's Jumps Skipper

The Ice Hat panel that sends Hat Kid immediately to the center of the town, allowing easy access to the Goofy Mafia chase.

To start the level, cross the bridge and locate the Ice Hat panel. Akin to Mafia's Jumps, this panel helps to completely skip a significant portion of Mafia Town, effectively leading the player directly next to Goofy Mafia to start the chase. Make sure that Hat Kid is covered in mud, which is found in several puddles in the starting platform, and start the chase.

Regarding the chase itself, the player must meet up with the Goofy Mafia in three separate places before he can proceed to the end of the platforming section, those areas being:

  • At the beginning of the platforming section beyond the gap of the mainland, on the suspended wooden slab.
  • On top the tall crate with the Blooming Idiots logo painted on it.
  • At the center of the banner hanging by the two hot air balloons.

With these in mind, getting from one area to the next is as simple as using the Sprint Hat where needed and jumping off of the high end of the banner towards the nearby platform to quickly get to the end. Make sure that the Goofy Mafia has seen Hat Kid, and that he is progressing to the next point of interest, otherwise the time spent going back can be catastrophic.

While the jump on the banner can be seen as a risky move compared to the expected wall-jump path, it is still the faster move and a good habit to pick up since the maneuver is also important to master for both Mafia's Jumps as well as So You're Back from Outerspace's timed Bonus Challenge.