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She Came from Outer Space is Act 3 of the first Chapter: Mafia Town. In it Hat Kid must scare the Goofy Mafia to get her Time Piece back. This level acts as a tutorial on the movement mechanics, teaching the player how to dive and cancel it in midair, as well as small bit of running up and jumping off the wall.


The level will begin Hat Kid on the waterfront, which is at the bottom of the map near the edge. The Time Piece, however, is near the center of the map at a much higher elevation. Fortunately, it will be visible via an icon on screen. Head toward the icon to find where the Mafia with the time piece is.

There are a few differences between this act and the two before it. For starters, it takes place at night. This causes a new type of enemy to appear; sleeping raccoons that will float in the air until they get close to Hat Kid and drop to the ground, damaging her before floating up again. It's also raining now, and because of this Hat Kid will be wearing a rain coat. There will also be several mud puddles around Mafia Town that Hat Kid will trip into, which will cover her in mud.

While being covered in mud doesn't change Hat Kid's controls at all, it does change how the Mafia will react to her. Because she's covered from head to toe and running with her arms out, the Mafia will think she's a monster and run from her. If you want to wash off, simply jump into a body of water or use the Ice Hat and Hat Kid will be clean again.

Once you reach the spot where the Time Piece is you'll find the Goofy Mafia, who looks different from the rest; he has a mustache and is wearing glasses and a bow-tie. If Hat Kid talks to him, he'll say he saw Hat Kid's Spaceship, and believes that slimy goopy space aliens are invading the island. To progress, Hat Kid needs to be covered in mud and walk up to him, at which point he will believe she is an alien monster and start to run away.

The Chase[]

As mentioned above, this part of the game is designed to teach players how to platform, so the first thing the Goofy Mafia does is jump to a floating platform which Hat Kid will need to jump to. If you fail to make this jump, the game will set you back to where you started. There are also some checkpoints along the way.

After making the jump, walk up to him and he'll scream again. He'll run to the left and up some crates stacked on top of each other. Hat Kid won't be able to run up it herself, so go right and jump on the stacked pipes there to reach where the Goofy Mafia is. Watch out for the sleeping raccoon while you do so! When you reach him, he'll scream and run away again and stop on a floating banner. This time you'll need to use a dive jump to reach him, and he'll run away one more time.

The next platform has flower pots and a small roof. You need to get on it but to do that you'll need to wall jump from where the mafia graffiti is. Jump to the next platform, and the game will tell you to jump while diving to cancel the jump, that way you don't overshoot your target. Land on the last platform and walk up to the Goofy Mafia and he will beg you to go away, and to get you to do that, he gives you the Time Piece.


"She Came from Outer Space" takes place in Mafia Town, which is a wide open location with many items to collect, and is identical to other acts in this chapter. As such, if you wish to know what collectables can be found here, please consult this section of the Mafia Town page. Check here for achievements.

Diary Entry[]

After each mission Hat Kid will write about it in her diary, which can be found in her room under the swimming pool of pillows. The diary will only read the entry for the last act that was completed.

"Wow. And I thought the regular Mafia were weirdos.

"At least he had a Time Piece I could take! How do they keep finding these things..."


  • The track that plays while exploring the act is track 10, Mafia Town is Asleep.
  • The track that plays when Hat Kid is chasing down the nerdy mafia is track 11, She Came from Outer Space.



  • In the Beta this Act was called "Repairing the Cannon". In this act, Hat Kid would have needed to climb up to where the Goofy Mafia is in the final game. There she would find Thor, and repair his cannon, causing a Time Piece to come out of the newly repaired cannon.
  • At some point between the beta and final release, you would have chased was Cut character named Oldster. Oldster was later replaced by Goofy Mafia.
  • This act is set up to be very reminiscent of old horror B Movies.
  • Loading Picture is reference to Movie called "The Thing"
  • It is possible to talk to the Goofy Mafia without tripping in mud.