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Sewers is a Time Rift found in Mafia Town. It is found near the waterway from the center tower.

The Level[]

The difficulty of the Sewer Time Rift mostly boils down to platforming challenges and timing one's jumps. With a complete lack of enemies or damaging hazards, the only way the player can be defeated is by taking repeated fall damage from the tall heights of the platforms or by falling into the pits below.

A motif used twice in the level is the use of a large wall structure, alongside the use of many smaller platforms that tend to jut out of the wall and allow the player to traverse to a greater height and continue with the level. These two iterations are similar in their execution, but vary in how they operate as a whole.

The first wall has two groups of platform that alternate state, allowing for a pattern that allows the player to jump from one platform about to retract into the wall towards another platform ready to extend from the wall. The interval between these shifts are equal, making a clear pattern to when and how the platforms intend to be progressed.

In contrast, the second wall has its platforms extend and contract in a linear progression, allowing the player to quickly traverse the wall. However, mistiming these and starting the climb when the platforms behind you are retracting will likely lead in one of the platforms being pulled from the feet of the player, sending them for a fall and resetting their progress on the wall itself.

The Time Piece is located on top of a series of gears, preceded by a large log. Due to the size of the log and how quickly it rotates, the player can end up being caught up by the corner of the rectangle even after a good double-jump. Making sure to jump over the lip before it catches you is a good way to prevent being shoved to the pit below. The gears themselves are not a threat, rotating at faster speeds the further up the player progresses, but not fast enough to be distracting nor threatening due to the size of the gears below to catch the player if they were to slip-up.