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Security Breach is one of the Battle of the Birds challenges provided by Death Wish in A Hat in Time. It tasks the player with running through Dead Bird Studio (Act) again, except that the security is even tighter with more guards, hazards and even new threats as the stage progresses.


Main Challenge[]

As an extension of Dead Bird Studio's stealth section, the player should take similar precautions as how to approach certain parts of the level in order to not be noticed too much to begin racking up damage and ultimately dying.

This is especially the case in later portions, when the player must both think on their toes with the threat of homing rockets to keep them from staying in one place, as well as being well-timed and placed to not attract attention.

To counter rockets, the player can use the Ice Hat to tank a hit without losing that hit point, and with Hats generally being secondary to general evasion tactics, the Ice Hat's ability to not be detected when observed by a moving Owl/Penguin makes it a naturally good choice to use in the mission. The Time Stop Hat is also useful, since the player can move through the sight of an Owl/Penguin without being stopped if they move quickly enough.

Above all else, if the player finds a new area confusing, difficult to navigate without arousing suspicion and so forth, equipping the Camera Badge and looking ahead to see any potential threats, or allow the player to create time to plan and act that they would not have otherwise.

Bonus Challenges[]

Not dissimilarly to how speed-run style Death Wishes are orchestrated, the bonuses of Security Breach are almost completely connected to each other in terms of what the player must do to satisfy both.

In this case, the cost of the bill going through the studio is most majorly impacted by being successfully caught by the cameras or various staff members patrolling the area. In effect, unless the player intentionally starts harming property and racking up an excessive amount of Owl/Penguin Harassment claims, the goal of completing the mission in under 200k Pons directly translates to not being caught twice rather than once. Even when considering the unavoidable costs, a competent player should have these costs be negligible.